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A book lover speaks….

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Yesterday, I came to the end of a really good novel that I had been reading for the last 5 days or so. At first I felt happily satisfied as I turned the final page and laid down the book; now dog-eared and littered with various tell tale crinkles on the front cover and creases down the spine. It wasn’t until a couple of hours had passed that I suddenly had a strange feeling that something was missing, a feeling of disappointment and sadness. I felt as though something amazing had ended… I soon realised it was in fact because my book had ended.



For the last few days, it had been my companion with whom I had turned to on many occasions. When I was bored, if I had a spare moment on my hands or when I simply wanted to immerse myself in the world and the…

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Dear Diary…

Today I am writing a short snippet from my diary…

It is inspired by one of my office incidents… where one of our colleagues snapped back at another friend of his in a very unprofessional way.

I just dont understand when people who are as matured as elephants commit some small mistakes and then try to cover it up with a goofy smile and false sympathy. Oh yes… as soon as I type this word “Mistake” i ask few people “Dont you commit mistakes?”

If the answer is “NO” then no need to read this entire post because this is for all those people who snap back at others if they find any mistake in others but fail to notice their own history/archives of mistakes be it big or small. Here goes few lines for people who create unnecessary melodrama in the name of #Mentorship.

Life is so strange. Its just like some scripted drama with regular intervals of happy moments and sad breaks. What keeps us alive amidst all this confusion? Is it the dire thrust to survive or is it the necessity forced by the norms of the society??

Till now we love someone and trust someone but in the very next instant one bad moment breaks the hard glass of trust and makes us hate the same person.

Is it because we get hurt when we least expect it to happen in our lives or is it because someone conspired against us way before we realised it?

The answer lies within us.

I hope someday I shall understand whom to give importance in life and whom not to. Thanks to all the people who bring bad incidents in our lives. They teach us good lessons.


Sexy #SRK

Black eyes, Envious Hairline, Charming Personality and dream celebrity for every interviewer..

Redefinition of romantic hero in India … yes you guessed it right its my favorite movie star “ShahRukh Khan”  or popularly called as “SRK”

The Daily Post guys actually asked us to write a piece of essay on best confidence outfit. For me SRK is the perfect man when it comes to best dressed male celebrities in India.

I am posting some random photographs which i like from the vast gallery of Photos on SRK

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For more prompts on what others think about the “Sexy Thing” of their life ….please click the below link…


Friends..?? Who Me..?? **Forever**


Beautiful poem on “Friendship”

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Why Can’t We Be Friends?
Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.

And my answer to this Daily Prompt would be…

Ask me how we met..
Ask me how we became friends..
Ask me how you became special part of me..

I won’t be able to answer any of that..
But I can only say, this is not the thing I am good at..

The art of making and being a friend,
Is unknown and unrevealed till the end..
Like road has its certain bend,
Friends can make out heart forever mend..

And at the last I want to say one of my Favorite ^-^ :)

‘We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.
‘Even longer,’ Pooh answered

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