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Meeting @iamsrk Shah Rukh Khan-an experience of a lifetime! Part 1


Meeting @iamsrk Part 1

Originally posted on Ramblings of a demented @iamsrk fan:


My journey began some time before the event which took place on Sunday 5th October 2014, SLAM+The Tour London

I owe the beginning of it to my good Twitter friend Deanne who first approached me with exciting news.

She asked if I had booked my tickets to the SLAM London concert.

I had indeed and was curious to know why she wanted to know as I had already mentioned the probability of going.

She then informed me that she was in communication with Sudhir Kothari, who is administrator for the SRK Chennai Fan Club @SRKCHENNAIFC

Chennnai FC logo

Sudhir was looking for reliable people who were attending the concerts that were to take place in the USA, Canada and UK and who would be willing to be a reporter and photographer for the club.

The intention was for us to take photos and videos of each event to be sent live to Sudhir and his…

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alice in wonderland

Fourth Wall

Fourth Wall.

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

If there was one movie where i would love to get lost forever then that would be Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton. I somehow love the entire concept of trusting your gut feeling and conquering the unknown. Throughout the course of the story of Alice, since the moment she chases a rabbit and falls inside the Rabbit Hole till she comes out of it, the entire journey is worth living. She meets hundreds of characters in the adventurous journey and if you happen to read the book “Through the looking glass” by the famous English Author Lewis Caroll, you will come to know the interesting conversations that Alice has with various animals. Each one speaking in a pretty much puzzled way and giving her loads of lessons all throughout the journey.

Alice in wonderland however seems pretty childish for few people today. But it is one such classic which has managed to captivate my mind forever. This is mainly because for me, Alice in Wonderland is not just a mere fairy tale. Its much more than that. Its a philosophical story of a young girl who falls down the rabbit hole only to come out of it as a matured female.

I would love to live in such a wierd world where each and every person is unique and strange in his/her own way. There is so much good and lots of evil inside that world yet Alice manages to take the good from the world and manages to discard the evil. Her friends however lunatic they may seem are all so wonderful. Isn’t it nice to be in an unconventional world where you are not bound with any norms. You can befriend anyone and learn something or the other from each one of them.

Here is one such quote which i like in the entire story not because its quite a much like a puzzle but it always helps me to get a clear cut thought about which road should i opt when i am indecisive.

alice in wonderland

Yet another scene which i love in the movie where Alice is assured by her father that “All the best people are mad”. So its okay to be mad….

Here is another scene which taught me to believe in the impossible. To believe in six impossible things before breakfast and the way Alice manages to slay the mighty Jabberwocky. Although it may seem like a fantasy but has given me lots of motivation in facing many a problems in my life.

Yet another scene where Alice is getting forcefully engaged to Hamish. Alice indeed very boldly handles the situation by refraining herself from getting carried away by the wish of her mother and relatives and choosing what she wants to actually pursue in her life.

The scene where Hamish proposes Alice

The scene where Alice chooses to pursue the Rabbit instead of saying Yes to Hamish

And the rest is perfectly summarised by Avril Lavingne’s official video on this movie

Sometimes it is good to be mad, weird and indecisive in order to get clarity on certain things in life. Its okay whether you get branded as an idiot stupid or a bitch in the entire process. All that matters is whether you are deciding from your mind and ending up in soup or choosing something from your heart and pursuing your goal with all your might to become successful in life.

keep calm

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Unequal Terms

Unequal Terms.

Did you know today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

(Don’t forget to tag your post with “Inequality” — or #inequality on Twitter — so that other participants might find it.)

So thats what the WordPress Daily Prompt Guys have given the prompt for the day….

What is “Inequality” ?

There are different forms of this word. I am quoting one of the million forms of INEQUALITY which we can find in today’s world.

This is the how the common definition of INEQUALITY  pops up into the mind of any Indian.

This is how a girl feels about INEQUALITY.

But as a girl i feel the basic definition of INEQUALITY starts from our own society when a girl child is born in a family and let me stress that it need not be India. It can be any other country in this world. From the moment she is born she is bound in the chains of innumerable limitations where each and every person is busy maintaining rule books for her at each stage of her life. The result?? A tree which was destined to grow like a gigantic one is shrunk forcefully into a bonsai. She is being portrayed as the weaker sections of the society and many make her feel that SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT…. THE ROOF OF THE HOUSE IS THE LIMIT. 

Here is a short video which emphasizes the GIRL EFFECT on a global level.

Not just this… INEQUALITY need not be confined to only WOMEN. It can also take an ugly form on MEN as well in the form of DISCRIMINATION

INEQUALITY can be lethal in society if it comes out in the form of RACISM

Even when it comes to MATHEMATICS there comes INEQUALITIES… but the solution to any inequality lies in balancing the unknown thus maintaining harmony in the problem.

But where have we forgotten this balancing???? Do we not still believe in inequalities and accept it as a form of our daily lives??

Do we ever fight back against the term INEQUALITY? Be it in any form ……

INEQUALITY is bad…. We got to rise against inequality and fight for equal rights.

Please share your views on what INEQUALITY means to you….

Would love to hear your views on the same…

Lots of Love,


You’re Not For Me


Will you help me fight, When I fight my thoughts?

Originally posted on A Nameless Space:

If there was just one question,

I wouldn’t be me.

Not a woman of few words,

Neither am I easy to please

Tough in my words,

Rigid with actions,

Tough sometimes

Complicated, rarely.

There’s a black and white

Ain’t no grey area inside

Some handle that well

But not everyone survives.

Are you strong enough to saddle

The stronger in me?

Are you capable of challenging

The winner in me?

Will you be able to attune

To my life’s chords?

Will you help me fight

When I fight my thoughts?

Can you speak for another

When they lose their words?

Can you stand for a cause

Even if the whole world’s dispersed?

If an argument becomes

A grudge for life,

If a small fight can

Kill the fire inside,

If ignorance is often

Your answer to strife

If nothing is enough,

Nothing will ever suffice.

If “no reason” sounds

Reasonable enough to live.

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Importance of story telling

Flash Talk

You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

via Flash Talk.

Telling a story is perhaps the most difficult part if you do not know how to spin a yarn in less time and make it impactful. I frequently attend many seminars and sessions where i need to introduce myself to a whole new set of people whom i have never met before.

Its is then the facilitator says “Please introduce yourself in less than 1 minute”

Initially whenever the facilitator used to say this I used to panic and say My Name, hobbies and set of standard sentences about myself and run away back to my seat. This used to be a common scene during my school days. As i grew up i understood the importance of introducing myself infront of an audience. I still remember an incident which took place when I was in my college days. I had to introduce myself before a whole bunch of intellectual audience and as soon as i was done with this Standard Template of introducing myself a guy amongst the audience grumbled “I wish someone taught her how to introduce herself in an innovative way”

Well at that moment i felt it was too rude for him to say. But now after I have been to so many public gatherings i do agree with the statement he made on me that day. So here I go with a short story narrated by one of my friends over a theatre club gathering.

The boy walked slowly towards the dais and smiled at us. He then started

“There was one guy in 2009 writing public exam in an small town of Karnataka. He was nervous and was constantly sweating. The invigilator gave a sly smile on her face and was busy watching who is the next target for her smile. The guy kept on seeing his watch and started writing even more fast and then as soon as he walked out of the exam hall he was accompanied by some of his close relatives. He was then taken to his home where he saw his mother sitting on the cold ground and crying with the vermillion on her face all smudged. The boy could not understand what was happening for a while but just then he was shocked to see his father lying on the ground with body all wrapped in white cloth. He soon understood the entire situation and as soon as the funeral got over he went to his home and sat beside his mother. He did not know what to do, so he just ducked his head in his mothers lap and started crying like a small baby. It was then his mother spoke 2 words “Eddelu Hari” (meaning Get up Hari) The boy got up and followed his mother. She took him infront of a mirror and said “You should fulfill your dad’s dream. He always wanted you to be an Engineer”

Its been long time since he has come far far away from that small town and had finally settled in a serene locality in Bangalore. He now works as a Project Engineer in a reputed MNC. As he was getting dressed infront of the mirror in his home today he saw the same guy who had completed the public exam in a hurry and had attended his dad’s funeral. I then realised the boy was none other than me myself. I see my mother standing back of me with a pride in her eyes that her son had finally fulfilled the dreams of her husband”

He just said that and walked out of the dais. But his introduction left a permanent impact on me. It taught me how to fight back sudden catastrophes in our lives… It made me have faith in ones own self and working hard to make them come true.

It really conveyed everything about that guy in less than 4 minutes but had left a permanent impact on me. It made me see each person, who has a story to tell and how he has become what he is “NOW” because of those circumstances.