#001 – Life Is Beautiful With Love…….

Love has the ability to change even the ruthless people into cool ones…………
Friends how many of them agree for this????????

Update on this article as of November 13, 2017:

This is one of my first shabby posts that I published on Blogspot many years back. Since then, my journey in the world of blogging has grown slowly and steadily until I could be a long-form writer.

Thanks to all people like you who have supported me all this while and have made me a better writer. A lot of times I have felt like deleting this post, but  I have retained it for one reason.

I want to show that bloggers are not made in a single day. Bloggers are made from one post at a time. Do not give up. It may all start with some crazy one-liners. But one day these small one-liners will elaborate themselves into a paragraph. Eventually, in no time, you become the writer whom you wanted to be.

Stop fantasizing about becoming one big author, start focusing on becoming a better version of your own self. Stop competing with others and start comparing your own progress from day 1 to day 2. You would be amazed to see how the shabby and ugly writing of yours has today transformed into a beautiful piece of poetry.

All the best. Keep going. Keep writing daily and most importantly, write and hit that publish button without giving a second thought on what others may think about it.