#009- I love you Steve – Part 3

Hi friends,

Once again welcome to the 3rd part of I love you Steve. In this post I am sharing the introduction of the First 10 chapters of the book “Steve Jobs – An Autobiography” by Walter Isaacson. Happy Reading Friends. Before that Welcome to APPLE INC


The book totally contains 42 chapters but before that it has a long long list of all the Characters in the book which I shall not be discussing it now as you will definitely get confused on a long run.

Let me tell you briefly about all the chapters so that you know what’s so special about this book

Introduction: How this book came to be???

Was it Walter who went to Steve for writing this or was it Steve’s desperate wish that he wanted to fulfill it before his death??? You will explore all these questions in this chapter

Chapter 1:

Childhood: Abandoned and Chosen

Recognize them?

Joanne Carole Schieble Abdulfattah John Jandali

Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah "John" Jandali

They are Steve Jobs biological parents…

What happened to them that they had to cast away Steve from their lives? How he was chosen by his current parents…all these things you can read it in this Chapter

Chapter 2

Odd Couple: The 2 Steve’s

Recognize this man???

steve and wozy

If No then you must go thru this Chapter…He is Mr. Steve Wozniak who served as a comrade in Steve’s Apple Saga. The duo of Steve created something which the IT industry was perplexed.

Chapter 3

The Dropout: Turn on, Tune in

What’s common between Steve and Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg????????

steve_jobs_bill_gates Zuckerberg

Yes that’s right The DROPOUT factor. Is being a dropout an X factor or is that an essential element for one’s success in this fast thriving competitive world?

Chapter 4

Atari and India: Zen and the art of Game Design

Recognize him???

Nolan Bushnell
Nolan Bushnell

He is one of the few lucky souls on this planet …..you know why?

Because he hired STEVE JOBS in his company…Most of the Apple Culture is derived from ATARI whose founder was Nolan Bushnell.

Can you imagine why Steve Jobs came to India? He came to meet this baba…

Neem Karoli Baba

But then why didn’t he invest much in India?

All these can be seen in this Chapter

Chapter 5

The Apple I: Turn On, Boot Up, Jack In . . .

This is what we call the product of Devils Workshop…The mighty Czar of IT industry set sail for a major voyage…and this was just the beginning…yes Apple is born

Apple I

Chapter 6

The Apple II: Dawn of a New Age

Does Steve Stink??? How much did he score on personal hygiene and how he evolved as a gentleman…Entrance of Mike Markulla who came at a time when apple needed funding and managerial support…. Also you will read about Apple II in this chapter

Chapter 7

Chrisann and Lisa: He Who Is Abandoned. .

Did Local Integrated Software Architecture meant == Daughter LISA?? Or was it really the techie coincidence? Why was he so cold on his Girlfriend and denied that he was not the reason for his daughter Lisa??? Enter another face of Steve…

Steve with his daughter Lisa
Steve with his daughter Lisa

Chapter 8

Xerox and Lisa: Graphical User Interfaces

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal- How far is this true? And Ethical? Would you dare to steal like Steve and pat your back saying “Yes I love being a Pirate”


Chapter 9

Going Public: A Man of Wealth and Fame

Man going rich…and that too at 26 years and expecting $600 million business in the same year….Seems like some Movie isn’t it? Read this Chapter to see how he got thru all the obstacles to achieve this…


Chapter 10

The Mac Is Born: You Say You Want a Revolution

Enter the World’s first amazing PC with Mouse and GUI…A revolution has begun and so is the Reality Distortion Field around everyone beside Steve.


#008 – You have to think big to be big.

Hi Friends,

How are you guys? Well in this new post i am going to tell you something about Mr.Catholina Lambert who is a true testimony of Hardwork and Determination to fulfill ones dreams. Without wasting another second of yours let me take you to a short tour of Lambert and his dream castle famously known as Lambert’s Castle

Lambert ‘s Childhood:

lambertolder copy

Full Name: Catholina Lambert

Born on: March 28, 1834

Place: Goose Eye, Yorkshire

He was the eldest son of his parents. His Parents worked in Cotton Mills and had to travel around the country to find some work. Due to financial problems he studied only till age 10. Since age 10 he has been working in the mills. He earned respect from his owner at Boars Head Cotton Mill. The owner trained him well and by the time Lambert was 17 he had 7 years of apprenticeship experience.

Soon he discovered that America is the land of opportunities and at 17 he took his brother William and set sail to Liverpool with just 5 pounds in his pocket.

How those 5 pounds multiplied into several hundred pounds?

Early life in America:

At Boston he secured the job of book-keeping for just $4 in a silk mill. Silk Making was the new trend in America that time. So Lambert worked very hard and impressed his owner again. He was successful in securing a partnership in the firm. Soon he worked even more harder and became the owner of the Silk Mill and renamed the  mill as “Dexter Lambert and Company”

Love Life:

He met Isabella Shattuck and married on September 9, 1857.

Isabella Shattuck
Isabella Shattuck

His business grew very rapidly and his silk mill became very famous. Isabella gifted him a land along the cliffs of Garret Mountain and this became his future destination of his dream castle “Lambert’s Castle”

He and Isabella had 5 children named as

  • Florence in 1859
  • Frederick in 1861
  • Walter in 1863
  • Isabel Louise in 1866 and
  • Clifford in 1869

They were very happy until there came a tragedy in his life…

Tragedy in Family:

His younger brother William with whom he came to America died mysteriously while travelling South America.

  • In 1870, their infant son Clifford died of cholera.
  • In 1871, their son Percy was born, only to die in 1882 of scarlet fever.
  • Another son born in 1873 died within weeks of his birth.
  • In 1875 his first son Frederick died of scarlet fever at the age of 13.
  • A son, Harry was born in 1875, only to die in 1885 before the age of 10.
  • Their oldest daughter Florence, married and had a child in 1882 and another child in 1883. She died of pneumonia soon after, at the age of 24. Florence’s death was to forever sadden Lambert. In fact, one of the stained glass windows in the Castle is a portrait of Florence.

However his business prospered and he bought mills. He also built a mill in remembrance of his daughter Florence called as “Florence Mill”. His oldest son Walter, 22 and son-in-law William Suydam ran the mill. His mill became a popular destination of all silk mill workers.

The Castle- A dream land of Lambert

Since he was a boy he had always dreamt of having castles like the ones in  Yorkshire and Warwickshire


In 1891 he began designing a new home at Paterson, the place gifted by his wife Isabella for him years before. The castle was made up of sandstone and granite. The castle costed $1.5 million at that time.  In 1892, the Castle was finished. In January 1893 the housewarming session was held in the presence of 400 people including President Mc Kinley.


Lambert Castle
Lambert Castle

In 1896, the 70ft observation tower was constructed on the crest of the cliff.  A gallery was also added to display European ArtWork.

70 ft observation tower
70 ft observation tower
The Gallery of artworks
The Gallery of artworks

For quite some time he remained as a businessman only working 16 hours a day. And in 1900, he opened the castle’s artifacts to be seen by public every saturday afternoon.

But…sooner or later all good things have to come to an end

The fall of Lambert’s Empire:

These factors have been largely responsible for Lamberts fall

1900-1904– Paterson had Great Fire and 2 floods and a devastating tornado affecting all the businesses in that place

1901- His wife Isabella , 44 years old died

1904– He married Isabella’s sister Harriet.

1913– The famous Paterson silk strike starts

1913 Silk Strike

WW1 and Silk Strikes ruined Lambert’s business. He lost a large amount of wealth and was forced to sell his estate.

1916– He auctions a large part of his collection of artwork ( 368 paintings and 32 sculptures)

Lambert's collection
Lambert’s collection

1917– He sold off his Silk Mill

Unlike other bankrupts …Lambert managed to clear all his debts and and was proud to repay every creditor from his own wealth. In Dexter Lambert Company too…none of the investors lost their money.

1923– Feb 15 he died at the age of 89. He is buried next to his wife, Isabella in Paterson

Grave of Lambert and Isabella
Grave of Lambert and Isabella

The Castle after his death:

1925– His son Walter sold the castle and the property for $125,000.

The Castle contains hundreds of acres of wooden area behind the cliffs above the castle. The Historical society now holds social gatherings, craft shows and fundraisers at the Castle. Its a favorite site for NEWLYWEDS taking wedding pictures. The Museum is open to the public throughout the year.

wed laur



Sorry for making the post very lengthy…I hope you have enjoyed it till the end. All we can infer from Lambert’s story is that we can also grow rich in our lives only if we start thinking BIG. Happy Reading and All the best for you people who wanna think big ….

#007 – I love you Steve – Part 2

Hai Friends,

Once again with this Post I am continuing the Series of “I love you Steve-Part2” Let me start by telling you all what this whole book contains and some few important fast forward facts on the author who has taken great pains to pen down the Biography of Steve Jobs.

The book contains mainly ‘n’ number of Interviews thru which you can easily understand whether

great_ceo_pay_heist or Screen-Shot-2012-07-23-at-1.38.02-PM

Its written by Mr. Walter Isaacson who has written some of the famous autobiographies of


He is the CEO of Aspen Institute and Chairman of CNN and MD of Time Magazine

You can meet the author at SimonandSchuster.com

And let me tell you….this is a story of a man who revolutionized 6 industries in 1 lifetime and they are





He built a company called Apple where he could live his dreams


This book serves as an excellent dose of lessons on Innovation, Character, Leadership and Values


#006 – I love you Steve – Part 1

Create a dent in the Universe...
Create a dent in the Universe…

It was a sunny day when I was roaming inside my company campus as I was in Free-pool period. During Free-pool usually guys love to spend more and more time in Dorms or strolling over the large corridors of the Campus admiring each and everything in the Architecture of  the building. I usually prefer to dig myself in the dark basement of the Wipro Library which is my niche when I wanna spend some private time with Books.

This day as usual I finished checking my mails in the Library and as usual started my “book seeing” session which I daily do. See the books neatly stacked in the library and get unconditional joy out if it saying “hmm so much is there to Read in life….so much of Knowledge awaits me…” Suddenly I saw a voluminous book which was lying near the Table. It was in all white and yeah a big face on the front side of the book…I just kept saying “Oh my my…don’t tell me it’s here” Luckily to my surprise it’s the book which I had always wanted to read…..”Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson”


The reader in me tempted me and said “Come on what are you seeing? Go and grab it before someone else sees that..” girl_reading_book_flickr_vimages

But the common sense in me which sprouts uncommonly shot a strong signal in my brains saying “No….Its a very huge book…What about the trunk full of books that you have bought it and stacked it in a neat pile…”

For a minute I was in dilemma but as usual the Reader in me won and finally I picked up the big book and I went to the Librarian and quickly filled all the details and soon I was off to my Cave…(the basement …..its like the Batman’s underground cave)

I sniffed the Book…wow the smell of new book is always so nice. Thus began my journey with “The Most Influential Person” of this world.

A journey with Steve Jobs and how I too got mad in his Reality Distortion Field…(about Reality Distortion Field…. I shall explain to you in the upcoming posts)


#005 – Paper Distribution- A nightmare for a WASE’ian

Hai all you Wase’ian darlings….This is a short blog dedicated to the following people
  • Non toppers of WASE
  • People who managed to pass by hook or crook
  • Finally the toppers of each subject
It all started last sunday when i woke up early morning 7 with a jolt…Oh man! Paper Distribution…Grrrrr
Somehow i reluctantly managed to reach EC2 Campus and entered the Mermaid….all WASE’ians were sitting neatly and were busy discussing about how they would flunk and were imagining perfect ovals etc in their minds (but deep in the heart everyone is a Antharyami...coz WASE main koi fail nahin hota).
Jai Ho….Java ke hero….Java ke pundith Mr.X entered Mermaid with big bag full of papers…. I was busy gobbling my breakfast because I was really not having the tolerance of bearing my hunger for seeing my paper (which obviosuly everyone knows how i score)
Well here starts the Maha Episode of Paper Distribution just like Star Plus serials…. “1 gante ka maha episode….”
Java- a cool programming language but was the most f******* up paper i’ve ever seen in my life. Fortunately or Unfortunately we (people with lowest CGPA) failed to understand the expectations or in pure IT Terminology the Goals and Objectives of Question paper setter…
Sir said in stern tone “I wanna spend few minutes in discussing how the paper has been evaluated”
In short it means
“Look …..you illiterate folks of programming world how I have raped your paper. Dont dare to come back and accuse me why I raped some parts of the paper very brutally.” Lol. (No Hard feelings people who love professor X as i too love him because i passed with good marks in Java)
A popular Hindi muhavra(proverb) goes like this….
“Jab chidiya chug gayi tho pachtana kya…”
English meaning is “Why repent when the bird has already eaten the crop” (Hindi people excuse me if translation is wrong…its from Google Maharaj)
When we have already beeped up the paper so badly what’s the point in saying the following silly sentences
  • You could have taken Linked List like this ^$^%&%^&%^&
  • Don’t asl marks for this one @%#$%
  • Q.no. ### everyone wrote wrongly.
  • Better to concentrate on syntax
WHY WHY WHY Why you wanna piss our mood when you know that the overall “A” grade people % in the class lags behind the overall “B” “C” players by infinty %.
But…to my surprise i got good marks….WTS (Surprise)
Jaise hi Java ka episode khatam hua 15 marks leke hume Unix main fateh prapt hua…ab bus
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam………
download (6)
episode of Unix ended on a happy note…
ye episode ke baare main likhna waste hain kyunki…its like some legacy serials like “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”
download (7)
Beeped up paper and pissed off people….cussing from all directions…..Whatever….
Here comes….
India ke pehle super star….
images (6)
  Haseeon ke sapnon ka RajKumar….
download (8)
Indian Cinema ka Mega Star
images (7)
             Rajesh Khanna (Pushpa i hate WASE’ians)
images (8)
Rajesh Khanna ab inke baare main kya bataye….He is now explaining the same ASSAULT scene of paper correction….He is showing how generous he was while correcting our paper.
But how does that change our fate which is already marked in Red Ink….
Finally 26 marks in my COA account made me sing “Monica…oh my Darling….” Happy Days ….Happy Days…..Happy Days…..
Thanks all you people for bearing this wierd blog…and not closing the Window….I really appreciate your patience in bearing a person like me in WASE and now even in WordPress
People who share the same tragedy with me can Hit Like…Others can comment how bad/good it was.
Thank You