#004- True fact of Life


It’s a true fact on life that most of us have already experienced in our lives. There are times when people abandon us leaving us into unlimited sadness and tears….Its during that time that we decide to turn on the radio inside our heart to capture the frequency of Music Station called “Life’s Radio”. It keeps humming us all the tunes which we have listened since the day our mothers sang us a lullaby…till the day when our loved ones sang the happy song for us….How lovely it is to feel the presence of Musical vibes and how delightful is its soothing effect….which makes us forget all the other pain in this Universe….and makes us go into another world….just like some Alice in Wonderland….

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2 thoughts on “#004- True fact of Life

  1. jave mein torture karke sala muje 4 mark hi diya, unix sir ache te isiliye muje 10 marks diye axygen master ne tho muje kush kardi 38 marrks dalke aur coa sir ne tho mera din banadiya 22 marks deke overall java ne muje down kardi kyun ki mera overall marks 14 hi aya iam in deeep trouble now only nature and luck can save me.

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