#005 – Paper Distribution- A nightmare for a WASE’ian

Hai all you Wase’ian darlings….This is a short blog dedicated to the following people
  • Non toppers of WASE
  • People who managed to pass by hook or crook
  • Finally the toppers of each subject
It all started last sunday when i woke up early morning 7 with a jolt…Oh man! Paper Distribution…Grrrrr
Somehow i reluctantly managed to reach EC2 Campus and entered the Mermaid….all WASE’ians were sitting neatly and were busy discussing about how they would flunk and were imagining perfect ovals etc in their minds (but deep in the heart everyone is a Antharyami...coz WASE main koi fail nahin hota).
Jai Ho….Java ke hero….Java ke pundith Mr.X entered Mermaid with big bag full of papers…. I was busy gobbling my breakfast because I was really not having the tolerance of bearing my hunger for seeing my paper (which obviosuly everyone knows how i score)
Well here starts the Maha Episode of Paper Distribution just like Star Plus serials…. “1 gante ka maha episode….”
Java- a cool programming language but was the most f******* up paper i’ve ever seen in my life. Fortunately or Unfortunately we (people with lowest CGPA) failed to understand the expectations or in pure IT Terminology the Goals and Objectives of Question paper setter…
Sir said in stern tone “I wanna spend few minutes in discussing how the paper has been evaluated”
In short it means
“Look …..you illiterate folks of programming world how I have raped your paper. Dont dare to come back and accuse me why I raped some parts of the paper very brutally.” Lol. (No Hard feelings people who love professor X as i too love him because i passed with good marks in Java)
A popular Hindi muhavra(proverb) goes like this….
“Jab chidiya chug gayi tho pachtana kya…”
English meaning is “Why repent when the bird has already eaten the crop” (Hindi people excuse me if translation is wrong…its from Google Maharaj)
When we have already beeped up the paper so badly what’s the point in saying the following silly sentences
  • You could have taken Linked List like this ^$^%&%^&%^&
  • Don’t asl marks for this one @%#$%
  • Q.no. ### everyone wrote wrongly.
  • Better to concentrate on syntax
WHY WHY WHY Why you wanna piss our mood when you know that the overall “A” grade people % in the class lags behind the overall “B” “C” players by infinty %.
But…to my surprise i got good marks….WTS (Surprise)
Jaise hi Java ka episode khatam hua 15 marks leke hume Unix main fateh prapt hua…ab bus
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam………
download (6)
episode of Unix ended on a happy note…
ye episode ke baare main likhna waste hain kyunki…its like some legacy serials like “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki”
download (7)
Beeped up paper and pissed off people….cussing from all directions…..Whatever….
Here comes….
India ke pehle super star….
images (6)
  Haseeon ke sapnon ka RajKumar….
download (8)
Indian Cinema ka Mega Star
images (7)
             Rajesh Khanna (Pushpa i hate WASE’ians)
images (8)
Rajesh Khanna ab inke baare main kya bataye….He is now explaining the same ASSAULT scene of paper correction….He is showing how generous he was while correcting our paper.
But how does that change our fate which is already marked in Red Ink….
Finally 26 marks in my COA account made me sing “Monica…oh my Darling….” Happy Days ….Happy Days…..Happy Days…..
Thanks all you people for bearing this wierd blog…and not closing the Window….I really appreciate your patience in bearing a person like me in WASE and now even in WordPress
People who share the same tragedy with me can Hit Like…Others can comment how bad/good it was.
Thank You

6 thoughts on “#005 – Paper Distribution- A nightmare for a WASE’ian

  1. Rape se yaad aya I used to rape our hindi text book poems….n even quoted exact lines from bollywood hindi songs like”chehra kya dekhte ho…..dil me utar kar dekho na…..” and in return he would write back in bright red inked letters” apna dhyan padai me lagaiye”!

  2. Hey Ambika.. nyc Blog.. 🙂
    its d actual condition.. d paper setter feels like v r from race of Newton, Einstein etc. Wat d hell wrong.. n a humble request to our “Toppers” plz do score as less as u all can.. it affects our (Lowest [5-6]) CGPA 😛 .. i still remember d paper whr i hv written anythin (juz fr god’s sake :P)
    Wish yu all d best for ur blogs… waitin for more 🙂 keep writing.. 🙂

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