#010 – When you hold the pen again…

Hi Everybody,
My name is Ambika Rani K (ARK)…and i am a budding blogger…

It happens sometimes that we create a blog out of lots of enthusiasm and then as weeks pass by we lose interest in the blog and one fine day completely forget…and the poor blog waits for us to update some small post or atleast an Image…

The same thing happened to me when i first heard about blogging in my college days. I created a blog…in Blogger named it and posted one post…that was in the year 2009. Now its 2013…I have been blogging in WordPress lately and one day i suddenly remember “Oh…Man…I think i have a blog in Blogger too”….Then i opened the blog and found this one lonely post…I felt very bad 
The WordPress blog is earning lots of attention and Views per day with new Widgets and Followers…and this poor thing is the same since 2009 …i mean no change in layout…nor font….nor its posts. And above all the Views were still ZERO. What a negligence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now today i have decided to blog once again here with the same enthusiasm before but have resolved to blog regularly like One post per week…. At least this is quite a much reasonable option for me.
I would really love to have your feedback on what sort of topics that I must include in my blog. Feel free to suggest me ….
With lots of love,

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