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Teachable Moment

Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment. So today’s Daily Prompt says I gotta learn some new skill(s) and how would i prefer to learn that skill(s).

Given a chance to learn a new skill first of all i would definitely master “Martial Arts” and i would follow the below methods.

  1. Get hold of some Good Master like how Kung Fu Panda pursued Master Chi Fu
  2. Get myself involved in it on a daily basis.

  3. Read a lot about Martial Arts so that i learn new new things in it.

Next i would learn the art of blogging and photoshop well so that i can start a creative blog for my own. For this i would employ the below approach

  1. Learn Basics of Blogging by some serious bloggers like the ones who are readin this… and try some SEO stuff
  • Learn from my mistakes

  • Learn Photoshop and see some creative bloggers and learn more and more stuffs from them



    I must reinforce all these steps with a 5 letter word i.e. “APPLY”

    Applying the skills in the right way is more important for learning any skill(s).

    Thanks a lot for reading my blog.

    Lots of love,




    Motorcycles and Books constitute my life!

    5 thoughts on “Teachable Moment

    1. your Last sentence is agreeable..
      apply/implement whatever u learnt. some people might be brilliant in planning but when it comes to implementing strategies ,they are poor


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