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Daily Prompt: Mentor Me. Hai Friends… Welcome to my blog “ambikarani- all about being me”. Today the Daily Prompt guys have given me an idea about writing something on MENTOR. Here it is what they want us to write on

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

Well i am a bi -product of mentoring from a very huge battalion of Mentors ranging from my Mother to my high school teachers, from my College Lecturers to Workplace Mentors.

Now amidst this huge battalion of Mentors how would i decide which mentor to approach when? Because consider the below situation.

One day i was feeling low because of some tension at workplace… i called my Mentor from college. She said

 ”People will criticize but you have to hold on…”

whereas when i approached my Workplace mentor he said

“Escalate this matter and make things clear in the initial phase… if you are quiet people will dump you”

 Then came the tough job “Whom shall i listen to?” Luckily i selected my mentor at workplace and things got sorted out pretty faster.

So the main thing that i am trying to say is it’s not just enough that you have a mentor you must be wise enough to choose who can be of your help in which situation.

In my case i had 3 such mentors who never let me down and lemme mind you each one has taught me some important lessons in life. I will recall the ones which help me on a daily basis. Hope it will all those aggressive people like me in their life.

  1. My Mother : I call her Mentor #1 always because she knows how to tame an idiot like me always. Her techniques are violent includes

“Insulting me to the core, Comparing me with others, Humiliating etc etc” but in the end..

She proves to be #1 remedy for all problems in my life.

             What did i learn from her?

Life is never a bed of roses.

There is no shortcut for success except hard work.

Never lose  courage and never befriend someone who is not having respect for ladies.

Never give up and Never underestimate yourself. Fight until you win.

2.       My best friend: Well… he proves to be medicine for most of my emotional problems …namely depression, anger, mood swings. An Electrical Engineer by profession… took to full time Psychological Consulting after he met me. His methods are quite simple.

“You listen to me as i said or else die… Nobody can ever reform you if you won’t listen to them.”

What did i learn from him?

Whenever there is a problem don’t cloud your eyes with tears…. Instead hold them because if you cry you will not be able to see what lies ahead of you and again you may miss some golden opportunity

Adjustment is the only key to survive in this ever changing world. It’s not the biggest and the fittest that survives well in nature but it’s the one who adapts thrives to survive in this fast changing world.

3.      My workplace mentor: An Enterprise Architect by profession became my formal mentor when i first started my career in IT and then became my best friend as well as best mentor of my lifetime. His techniques are

  “You are very hopeless lady on this Earth…you know

You gotta lower this bad attitude otherwise career will be in jeopardy

When will you stop coming to me for silly issues… learn to be independent”.

 Months after he has left our company still he remains to be my best mentor throughout my life.

What did i learn from him?

Honest self-analysis is very important in life. You got to accept that you are not good at certain stuffs honestly. Because it is then you will be able to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses in life.

Always have a written goals and objectives in your diary book. This will help you see that daily and what you see is what you become. See the brighter side of life


Thanks a lot for reading my post.

Love you all,




6 Comments Add yours

    1. ARK says:

      TOO FULL TO WRITE… Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. theonlysup says:

    Brilliant stuff again.
    i do have some great mentors..who nutured my talent
    long back when i was feeling down and shared my experience with one of my mentor at workplace.. this is the motivational email i got

    //Hi Supreet,

    Different kinds of people exist and I think you need no input from me because you have put two very relevant quotes there.

    You are sincere, smart and talented. There is nothing you should worry about!

    These people and things in life sometimes teach you ‘donts’ than ‘dos’.. you will hence make a great manager when you become one.

    So, take it in your stride and do your best.

    Take care,

    and those 2 quotes were..
    a)Robin sharma says “other people’s opinion about you are none of your business”.
    b)So see yourself as capable of nothing less than brilliant .
    Successful people have successful thinking patterns and best leaders run superb habits

    1. ARK says:

      Hai Guru ji… Good Morning. Thanks a lot for reading my post again. Whatever your mentor has said to you is really inspiring and i liked your quotes “What other people say about you is none of your business”. This will definitely echo in my ears when ppl talk bad about me @ workplace. Thanks a lot Sup…

    1. ARK says:

      Thanks Edward for appreciating my blog.


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