#21 – All About Me

Daily Prompt: All About Me.

Hai Friends. Welcome to yet another part of DAILY PROMPT.

Ok so…. without beating around the bush lemme say what  the Daily Prompt says “Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you”

So….If you see my Blog’s About page … its having nothing but a picture with White background on which there are full of words tiled Vertically Horizontally Diagonally etc…

I chose my blog’s title under my name basically due to few reasons

  1. I wanted to create a niche for myself in this vast WordPress.com under my original Name and not some fancy names like “Lovely Angel”, “Lively Me” etc because I am neither an Angelic Beauty nor a person who lives life to the fullest. I cuss about Life many a times and love it infinite times… and coming to the point of fancy names like Angel… God has not blessed me much with my looks.
  2. Creating a blog was a dream since 2009… main reason for this is i am kind of crazy lady who is always in her own world of Dreams.. just like Alice in Wonderland… so i somewhere believe that there are many more people just like me who still believe in Fairy Tales and the goodness in them…

I believe that people who are carzy enough to think the impossible are the ones who bring about a change in this world. I am always proud of what i am… no matter what people call me as “dumb” “numskull”…

When they call me “dumb” or “numskull” all i feel is

“i am just in wrong place…that’s it… that’s the reason these ppl feel i am a misfit here”.

My blog is the perfect place for me to be myself.

That’s why… my tagline is “all about being ME!”…

I wanna cherish the fact that I am being Myself at one place called ambikarani.wordpress.com and i have a small group of people who follow me and my posts regularly… I am extremely grateful to all those people who are in my blogging community for their constant feedbacks and support which makes me write each day with a new spirit.

Main motto of my blog is to put down all those thoughts in my heart into a place where few souls like me would read it and feel “yes there is another Lady of our clan…”


Thanks for reading my blog post…

Thanks Daily Prompt for giving this Idea..

Love you all,



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