#23 – A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her

Hai Friends…

Its 00.00 hrs according to Indian Standard Time and i am writing this post with a broken heart. The nostalgic moments come alive and i feel totally alone in this wide weird world.

So guys… coming back to the title of the blog…

 "A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her- Marilyn Monroe"


caught my attention just now when i was surfing Google. I really agree with each and  every word of this sentence mainly because of its relevance in today’s practical life.

People today have become so selfish that they don’t even bother whether the person who helped them a lot during their distress is standing now alone in a lonely planet without any help from anyone. How could they just turn a blind-eye towards others?

Every day they scar others face with knives of hatred, avoidance, arrogance, scheming, back stabbing above all making them feel bad with their evergreen capacity of pissing the other person’s mood off with their so called “silly things”. These silly things include the following

1. acting a big dumb hypocrite
2. acting very self centered
3. acting super super dumb when the other person is in desperate need

I experience this each day and at the end of the day i feel

"I have won over the battle of Good v/s Evil and pat myself saying 
I am being strong by not uttering a single word against them and 
resisting all those negative treatments with my hard core silence"

Sometimes i feel what Marilyn Monroe is so so right. These days i have learnt how not to care for these people in my life. I have learnt that i should not let these people piss my mood off because if i get disturbed by their words its as simple as stating the fact that

"Other people can piss your mood off just like some SWITCH and
 you are some puppet in their hands "

Instead what you can do is do is a self analysis of your own behavior and think and rethink what is the mistake from your side…. And hopefully if your inner subconscious answers that you are right then Friends you can say to yourself that

"I don't need them in my life... All i now wanna do is 
move on with loads of lessons taught by them and 
be optimistic in life instead of re-thinking it each 
and every moment and hurting yourself more and more each second"

When this case applies for a girl i feel ladies can simply try to take the first step towards becoming more and more strong in their lives and not giving a damn for those people who cannot stand your happiness. They are not even worth of having a place in your beautiful mind. All you can do is move on and forget them as soon as possible….

Thanks a lot friends for reading my depressive post…

Lots of love to you all,


6 thoughts on “#23 – A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her

  1. thought Provoking. i could sense a little fear of being taken advantage of. a fear of being abandoned..
    but yeah by letting people control ur emotions u r playing the victim
    afterall i always say life is school where you learn wats not taught in harvard university right??
    so why drain ur energy thinking about people who dint come to ur rescue when u needed them badly. does no good to u

    1. Guru Ji ki Jai. Thanks a ton for analyzing my emotions so well and yeah i liked your lines
      “life is shool where you learn wats not taught in harvard university right??”

      1000% true Sup.

      Regarding draining ones energy i feel you are right once again… I actually wrote this post to vent out all those negative feelings and start my life afresh….

      Thanks again Guru Ji for helping me with your galaxy of knowledge on REAL LIFE.

      1. yes… see today many ppl tried to piss my mood off at my abode…. they failed…. because i was like the Joker of Batman… Smiling happily irrespective of their bad intentions…

    1. Thanks a lot TBM for reading my post. Some people as you said did not understand what i was trying to say and said “Why take Marilyn Monroe’s Quote instead of someone else?” Lol…

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