Daily Prompt #5 : But this is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here….

Daily Prompt: Silver Screen. Hai friends… How are you all? Sorry for not posting anything since few days as I was fully lost in my wonderland. And now Daily Prompt Guys have made me write again. They have come up with some nice topic called SILVER SCREEN in which the theme says

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

Coming back to the theme…

My Favorite Movie(s) : Alice in Wonderland, Batman

OFFICIAL-cinema-Poster-alice-in-wonderland-2009-9603957-1440-720 the-dark-knight_6cf06b4a

My Favorite Characters in these movies: Alice, Batman and The Joker of course.

alice_in_wonderland15 the_joker_heath_ledger_batman_dark_knight_desktop_1280x960_wallpaper-105857

So out of the 2 movies i love the first one(Alice in Wonderland) very very much as it clearly states my childhood and my teenage world perfectly. So i am going to take the best quote from AIW only. My favorite quote from AIW is…

From the moment I fell down that rabbit hole I’ve been told where I must go and who I must be. I’ve been shrunk, stretched, scratched, and stuffed into a teapot. I’ve been accused of being Alice and of not being Alice but this is *my* dream. *I’ll* decide where it goes from here.


The main reason why i chose this quote is that I am a person who believes in living a life which gives me freedom to experiment a lot with my interests and loves to live her dreams in real life. I take this opportunity to share few Dream Killer Statements that i am sure almost every person would have faced in his life and i will also discuss how we can be bold enough to say “…. but this is MY DREAM… I will decide where it goes from here…”

Here are the following reasons which always make a child/teenager kill his dreams even if they were to have a bright future one day.

1. Why are you not behaving like normal Kids?

In short its called Comparing our kid with others for numerous reasons ranging from scoring marks in Exams till choosing our life partner. People never ever understand what it takes for a child to mould and live his dreams in such type of competitive environment.

2. If you don’t go out and mingle with other kids you shall be a LONER forever… be sociable in nature

In short it means you must go and talk to all people in this world and never trust them because when they say “mingle with others” it just means “get along with them just for some time Son…. once when you are tired of playing say Good Bye and return home forgetting them”. Where does all the holy words like “Love thy neighbour” etc go?

3. If you don’t learn something right now when shall you learn???? Schooling must never be skipped

But … tell me one thing if i am not wrong… there are lakhs of institutes which offer courses like “Learn English/Spanish in 30 days; Learn Salsa/Tango – age no bar; Martial Arts – Age no bar”  and nowhere they restrict anyone beyond  a certain age. and the annual turn over of all these institutes are very very good. So what does that mean? i.e.point num 3 is not applicabale anymore and people take up learning a certain skill at any age no matter how old they are physically. Then why these pessimists hurry up the process of peaceful learning and make kids mug up all those pages of school notes stuffed with unwanted knowledge?????

4. “How much ever you struggle hard you can never be a billionaire/film actor with the current situation of your life”

Have a look at this… Click here


Now what say “Negativity Demons” ? Friends always take  negativity  like this

Be positive
Be positive no matter what…

5. Fear of failure….

Tell me how many of your parents/elders/mentors did not scare you off by saying this one killer line “What if you fail???? You will never be able to regain the loss” . Fear of failure is the first thing that people try to inculcate in all of us each day. Each day you have 24 hours in your account and each day you have to remember lines from Paulo Coelho…

Paulo Coelho

So the next time you chase your dreams and people say “What if you…” just remember one thing “Failing is far better than not having tried at all”. Just believe in yourself.

6. Underestimating someone 

This is top #1 Dream Killer in today’s world. Haven’t you googled “understimate quotes” if not do it now… You will find a quote which says “Don’t underestimate yourself… Its your boss’ job” and you will also find some quotes like “Never underestimate your ability to change someones life” Well … let’s forget about bringing change in other’s life for a moment and try to contemplate on how many times we were underestimated in School, College, University, Work Place etc. Whenever someone says “I guess he cannot do it” feel as if you are the Alice who believes in 6 impossible things before her breakfast. Try to do this simple exercise for few days… I am sure you will start giving very little attention to all those pessimistic comments….

Well… all i wanna say thru this post is never think its too late to pursue your dreams due to one amongst the above mentioned reasons. Never give an excuse saying “Money Problems/Lack of support made me lose hopes on my dreams” Instead try to think like a Champion in life. Always think about becoming successful not a failure. What you think is what you become…

So next time anyone tries to prick your dream bubble say

“…. this is my dream and i shall decide where it goes from here…”

Have a good day ahead friends.

Thanks a lot for reading my post and bearing me….

Love you all,



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt #5 : But this is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here….

  1. //Why are you not behaving like normal Kids?//
    make them feel special. help them realize their potential

    socializing brings a different dimension to life..
    We must not stop from exploration . we discover different aspects of life by mingling with people with good behaviors
    and knowledge

    i beleive learning is a continuous process. one should enjoy learn things. otherwise whats the fun in muging up things.
    everythings cant be thought in institute.. life comes with no instuction manual.

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