Daily Prompt #8: Say Your Name

Daily Prompt: Say Your Name.

Hi Again. Today i am going to share a small poem from the famous epic romantic movie of Bollywood “Veer Zaara”

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie … here is the link for the synopsis of the movie.


I am gonna share the poem here which the Hero (Shah Rukh Khan) says in the court room when he shall be released freely to India with full respect.

The name of the Poem has a very strong significance to the name “Qaidi 786” which means “Prisoner Number 786”.

Significance of the Name:

The number 786 in Arabic means “in the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful”. As the hero in the movie is imprisoned in a Pakistani Jail the female lawyer who fights for him stresses the significance of the holy number to the Jailor resisting their oppression towards the man who has been in Jail for no reason since 22 Years. She says “He is very special amongst all prisoners. Have you ever thought why out of all the thousands of Prisoners he has been given the Number of Allah 786… Its because Allah, the merciful is with him… I shall see to it that nobody oppresses him anymore”

Finally when the Verdict will be announced in the court room, the hero, Veer Pratap Singh says he wants to share something… and he recites this poem…which describes the muted feelings which he held till that date in his heart…

The meaning of the poem as you could see in the Subtitles must have been already very clear to you guys.

But still i wanna add few of my opinions to it.

We all think what’s in a name? but, its the only thing that gives a person a unique identity of his own… So be proud of your names …. be proud of yourself…. because not everyone lives with a unique sweet name like you… Many people are still thriving for an identity of their own in this huge world.

Thanks for reading my post.

Lots of love to all,


Pause emotions…please F.L.Y.

The rain was pouring outside the window like cats and dogs and there was huge uproar of thunder and lightning. Sipping the hot coffee in one hand and tears in heart Nachiket was gazing at the hallway expecting someone to come. He only realised he had been already 10 minutes late for the not-so-important meeting at the 24th floor. Nachiket just wiped the 2 drops of tears from his eyes and closed his eyes as he entered the escalator.

A slideshow of images started running thru his mind. His first crush whom he used to just see her during his schooling days… his best friends Anil, Suhana, Ankit… his mom, dad and his rockstar roomie Harish…. his colleagues Raashi, Chaitanya, Tripti and HER…

Nachiket reluctantly entered into the meeting room where the Manager was busy explaining some annual sales report. Nachiket started pretending as he was listening to all those stories…but he only knew what was undergoing on him… a deep pain… deep sense of losing someone, a guilt consiousness coupled with suicidal thoughts… a sense of hesitation and so many negative thoughts growing exponentially in his mind…It was as if a nightmare was being telecasted LIVE infront of him. He kept on thinking about it.

Rashi sensed that something was terribly wrong with Nachiket. Soon after the meeting ended she went over his cubicle and asked is everything ok with Nachi.  Nachiket replied in a very gloomy tone “I act like i am a very cool guy always… But deep down my heart I am just the opposite… I know many people face bigger problems than me but still I now feel that none in this world is as tensed as me”

Rashi replied back saying

“Well.. I could see that since 2 weeks… What’s wrong with you Nachi? You used to be the life of our team…”

Nachi replied

“I really cannot convey anything at this moment… please try to understand me Rashi… and give me some time…”

Rashi left calmly from that place… But before leaving she said  Nachi few words..

“Nachi…you know something? You have been hiding hell lotta things from me, Suhana and Tripti. Let me tell you one thing… Unexpresed emotions will never die… They are buried alive and will come forth later in a very uglier way. You are smart enough to understand what i am trying to say…”

Nachi just pursed his lips and was quiet. He once again opened his cell phone and checked to find some messages from HER…But there were none. It depressed him even more. Finally, there was a call from HER… The LCD Display read “Maithli”. Nachiket instantly picked up the call and said in a very low tone “Hi… I am sorry”

For the next few minutes Rashi could only hear hundredsof Sorry’s from Nachi as he was pleading to someone over phone. He was pleading like “Just one chance Maithli… please please”

Nachi came to Rashi’s desk after his conversation with Maithli and said

“It hurts you the most when the person that made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today”

Rashi asked Nachiket “Hey… what happened Nachi? Is everything ok? Is that true? I mean … these (showing some papers to Nachi)”

Nachiket was shocked to see them in Rashi’s hands and he angrily asked her “Why did you do this to me? How could you get these papers?”

Rashi just wiped his tears from his eyes and asked him to come out. She took him to the terrace and made him drench in the rain. Nachiket was all in tears. He started sobbing and said “Rashi I am helpless… I’m …. I’m..” Rashi just controlled her tears and said Nachiket

“Nachi… you are hating yourself now… FLY Nachi FLY … First Love Yourself… (F.L.Y.)…

Stop feeling that she rejected you because of these papers…and because you conveyed your feelings at wrong time…

Why do you think you are bad now? You are as good as yesterday just as the sun and rain together at the same time. You did the right thing by conveying your feelings to her..

Nachi be strong..there are storms of emotions in your heart now… Pause them…Allow them to settle down one by one…Because storms and rain won’t last forever…”

Nachi resisted Rashi by saying”But… what about this guilt feeling? Its killing me…”

Rashi said gently “Its been over a week… and you are just hurting yourself more and more… and also hurting us by not expressing your pain..I leave it to you Nachiket… Listen to me.. In the end only 3 things matter the most…

1) How much you loved and respected her?

2) How gently you embraced the feelings unconditionally?

3)How gracefully you recovered from that?

and yeah never say “SORRY” for telling what you feel for others…. Because it’s like hurting yourself for being REAL.”

Nachi let his tears fall down his eyes and raised his head up. The raindrops falling on his face, washed away all the painful moments in his life that had haunted him very badly since a week. He just felt the rain drops were entering into his burning heart and soothing it with its peaceful rhythm…Slowly he started erasing out memories of how much he had loved Maithli since 5 years by merely watching her in class, how he proposed her a week back in an accidental meeting, how she walked out of the hallway when he showed her the reports of his life battling Cancer, how she never bothered to take care of him even if he confessed that he wasn’t playing any prank with her in the name of Cancer…how Maithli plainly said “Even if you had no Cancer i would not accept you because we can be nothing but just friends… Nothing more than that”

His broken heart was being filled woth droplets of rain cooling his angst slowly…

Finally, when the rain stopped he remembered Rashi’s words

“Rains and Storms both won’t last forever”

He dialled the number of Doctor Lucius and asked whether he can get operated for his Cancer and get well. The doctor assured him that though the chances of getting fully cured maybe a challenge but he would cost him his life if the operation was unsuccessful” Nachiket replied boldly saying”Yes… but i know i will survive… i won’t give up”

Weeks later Nachiket was operated successfully and was made to undergo series of checkups until the doctor said he is out of danger. Nachiket called Rashi from hospital just to say that

“Just when the Caterpillar thought the World would end….

it became a ButterF.L.Y…. Thanks Rashi”

Daily Prompt #7: Journey to the world of Blogging

Daily Prompt: Journey.

Hi Everybody… After a long time again i have woke up from deep sleep and am upto responding to one of the Daily Prompts… 

Today the topic is “JOURNEY”

First of all this time i was blank… so as to decide what would be my topic ???

So i quickly went thru some beautiful blogs and started cruising thru their little world of imagination…. Initially i was slow in reading some blogs… but later on i became so engrossed in my blog surfing that i entirely forgot i had some 40 mails in my office mailbox which had to be replied ASAP…

I then quickly noted down what i want to write in a rough book and started my office work… When i finally finished off my office work all i found was the time was up… It was time to go home and fall flat on the bed…

But instead i thought i would complete this small piece of my journey in WordPress.com…

I am going to narrate you my journey of 2000+ miles in the world of blogging under the name “ambikarani.wordpress.com”

Date:  November 26, 2009

For the first time i read the definition of WEBLOG in Wikipedia. It struck a chord in my heart + mind and created ripples of imagination… I have always been a very Alice kinda lady who believes in imagining the most craziest and wierdest stuffs in this world. So, i keep writing all my feelings and opinions in a diary… The very word “blog” gave me a niche to express my views to thousands of people across the world. All your opinions / feelings that you wanna share is just a click away from you… isn’t it amazing?

Some great person once said



How would i know where to start blogging ? How to share and spread word? It was like i had a magic wand in my hand in the form of Google but i have no power to use it efficiently.

Thanks to Blogger.com which helped me create my first blog in the year 2009. With much enthusiasm i wrote my first post and left it untouched for years!!! Yes, you read it right “Years”. I kept on giving lame excuses to myself saying “No time to write”, “No ideas to write” etc etc…

All the lame excuses came to an end when i got a job in an IT Company where you are supposed to get your heads glued infront of the PC all the time (atleast for 8.5 hours). When you are bound to sit at one place irrespective of your dislikes/likes you find 101 ways to distract yourself. And one amongst those Mission 101 was Blogging. That’s how i started my first blog in WordPress.com on the day “January 3rd , 2013”

I resolved that day that i am not gonna end this blog like the blogger one… I am gonna nourish it regularly with my feelings and grow along with other people who do some serious blogging all the time. Thanks to the following people who stood as pillars to my blogging skills.

My all time good friend in Blogsphere – http://50yearproject.wordpress.com/

My office colleague + best well wisher + best friend – http://theonlysup.wordpress.com/

The intense writer one and only Sakshi – http://cruisingthroughmylife.wordpress.com/

My First follower – http://dainasbook.com/

My inspiration for blogging daily – http://joeowensblog.wordpress.com/

My best buddy here “Mike” who always motivates me thru his honest comments – http://joeowensblog.wordpress.com/

My one and only teacher for Photography – http://xavigeis.wordpress.com/

Thanks a zillion for all you people who helped me reach here….

When i initially started i never expected that my blogs would be read by people across the world… Daina was the first one who followed my blog. Thanks sweetie for giving me huge support thru your first click on my blog’s FOLLOW button.

Huge heartfelt thanks to all the sincere WordPress readers who evaluate my blogging regularly and help me achieve many more miles in this vast Blogsphere.

I am aiming at writing some good fictional book someday before i retire from this world forever. Hope these daily doses of fun filled prompts help me in achieving it soon…

Thanks for reading my post.

Love you all,


6 of Nature’s Loneliest Animals Looking for Love

6 of Nature’s Loneliest Animals Looking for Love.

Hi Guys,

I still remember what Mother Teresa once said about LOVE…

The quote goes like this..

The biggest disease that has afflicted the word is not CANCER/AIDS…

but its the lack of LOVE

Here i present to you 6 of those beautiful creatures which are on verge of extinction and death because of Loneliness…

We say “Humans are known for their ingenuity…” but is it possible for any of us to bring back their love… How much ever man progresses in his life there are some things which we can never compensate to Mother Earth.

I found the article worth reading…

I hope you too would find it interesting.

Please let me know your views on the same..

Lots of love,