Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh.

The weekly challenge guys say “…share a photo which means FRESH to you”. So the first thought which came to my mind was the above picture.

It is the picture of Mansarovar Lake which is situated in Tibet. It is a fresh water lake which is of very primary importance to all the Hindu Pilgrims across India and more information about this beautiful lake can be found here

Want to see it live?
Please see here

People say you can find the Ultimate Peace here because the place is of such great spiritual relevance and also the water is so clear that you can almost see the bottom of the lake. And guys, its depth is 300 feet.

Today in this post i am in no way explaining you the history of Mansarovar nor explaining my wish to go there. But instead i would like to focus on a topic which is very vital amongst this busy scheduled lifestyle of ours “Calming our mind”

Our minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right said Stephen Richards, author of the book Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful.

But, due to the fast life today if you find any guy who is stressed and just poke him a little all you get is this:


Sounds odd but that’s the truth. We are stressed up due to ‘n’ number of reasons ranging from Personal Problems to WorkPlace issues. We often grumble over the fact that days are gone when we could unwind ourselves peacefully after reaching home from work. We cuss at people around us, we neglect our health, we do not give a damn to relationships, and in the end we say only one thing “I hate this life… feeling like going to some faraway land and chilling out”

But, is this feeling practically correct? The answer is NO. Months back i was discussing about how much i wanted to go to Rishikesh. My friend asked me “why” and i said “i want some peace in life”. So he shot me back a question saying “Why Rishikesh? When all you can find peace in yourself right here right now?” I was taken aback for a moment and was blank. I went to home and as i was practicing Yoga i realized my friend was right. Peace exists within us. You can be peaceful even amidst a very crowdy place if you really know the art of keeping yourselves calm.

How do we stay FRESH all the time? As fresh as the fresh water lake Mansarovar… a pure undisturbed state of mind…free from all the hustle and bustle… yet crystal clear about what you want in life… is this achievable? The answer is yes.

We need to stop thinking and reading our past. We need to accept sometimes that whatever is happening in our lives is due to some reason. Just stop for a moment and see the freshness in nature

Just relive those moments spent with your family and friends and wait… are they old memories? No, they are still fresh in your mind no matter how old you become…
When you hunt for material things in your life at the cost of your harmony all you are left with is “Disaster”

Each moment is a fresh moment in life… Its not relived before… Its just meant for you…so why create those ripples in mind when you can just sit for just 5 min and try to calm down the mind and say “Oh Mind Relax Please you are simply making things complicated”
When you do this every time you get panicked or tensed over a period of time it shows major effects on your whole body as well.

Stop taking Stress all time…Here is what Stress causes for your body.

5 min of relaxation can cause your mind to stay fresh and thus increases your productivity for about 5%. 5 mins of relaxation helps reduce almost 15% of your negative vibes and helps you to stay focussed on your work. Make your mind as calm as possible for Life is to be lived just to see how curious it makes each and every moment for us

Love yourself, Love your job, Love your family… Love Nature… Each day is fresh as yesterday … It was only YOU who made it complicated. Every problem has a solution. Every mind is a very huge freshwater lake just like the Mansarovar. Every mind has the infinite capacity to achieve whatever it wants only thing that stops us from achieving it is the ripples in it which makes us difficult to see our goals in life. So inhale some fresh air, get out of the four walls of your room and just say Hello to a fresh moment in life…


Lots of Love,

Daily Prompt #10: Your Life, the Book

Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book.

Hi everybody… Hope your weekend is going very great!!! If not, then please don’t get disheartened…you can cheer yourself up saying “Tomorrow is Sunday anyways!!!”

Ok coming back to the point… today the daily prompt guys are telling that whom would we choose to become our biographer…

At the first point … let me first understand what is the point in writing biography  of a great nobody like me…? Everyday when i get up sometimes… i repeat sometimes….. i remember words of Great People ringing in my ears like some siren. Out of all those words the below mentioned quote rings in my ears sometimes

This quote is taken from famous speech by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam the former President of India

He said that

What would you like to be remembered for?
You have to evolve yourself and shape your life. You should write it on a page…
That page maybe a very important page in the book of human history.

And you will be remembered for creating that one page in the history of the Nation-
whether that one page is the page of invention, the page of innovation or the page of discovery or the page of creating a societal change or a page of removing the poverty or the page of fighting injustice or…..

As soon as i think of this i just close my eyes and contemplate on the importance of that one page …. and the magnitude of difference it can bring into lives of others.

Right at this point of time i feel very “confused” and let my fear get controlled by my imagination. And i imagine as if i have created that one page in history.

Ask me what ? Reply is “Becoming a great nobody who is known to everybody…” When i say great nobody i mean that I don’t want myself to be portrayed as a very genius or some extra terrestrial organism… i only want people to understand the values which i stand for in my life… be it my rebellious nature or my depressed views on certain aspects of life..

I would like the following 2 persons to truly portray me as i am in real world …whatsover may be the views … i would strongly recommend these 2 guys to be my biographers.

#1 and #2
That is my Guru of blogging “Supreet” and my close friend “Veerender”

Now why Supreet and Veer? I say why not Supreet and Veer

Veer came in my life at a very right point of time when i was a complete LOSER in life….my dad had expired, my grades had gone low, my social life was devastated, my family life was painful…it was only he who stood beside me and showed me “Its now or never” attitude. He made me face all the problems in my life saying “You can do it!!” and helped me overcome my major obstacles in life. So he can be the best person to portray my best and worst part of my life very well.

Sup came in my life as a miracle. It was total unexpected thing for me and Sup showed me a perfect example of “What is 10/10 in life” 10/10 is none other than he himself. He has been my mentor and my close friend in office and has seen my undergoing my worst part of my life at office. He has always made me understand what does the word “PRIORITY” mean in life… and how to set them.

He is a wonderful blogger who writes honeypunch words and makes readers go gaga throughout our Company…adding to this he is a very honest critic in judging things…So he can be the best person to narrate my story to others in a way it touches lives of others.

Thanks Veer and Thanks Supreet for making me reach here….Thanks for your support and constant encouragement without which i would have been a LOSER till now…

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Love you all,

Daily Prompt #11: Earworm

Daily Prompt: Earworm.

Hello everybody!!

Once again i am back with the prompt response for Daily Prompt guys.

The topic for today is “EARWORM”

What is the meaning of this word Ear Worm?

I checked it out in Google and found this

A catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person’s mind.

What does the Daily Prompt Guys have got to say regarding this?

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Well as i am a highly distracted personality… i am going to discuss about a quote, and also a song lyric which has earwormed my week.

First things first and so is the case with Quote. Thanks to my friends Anushri and Vivek to motivate me to go to the Ramakrishna Ashrama at Gandhi Bazaar Bengaluru


Nice place, total peaceful place amidst the hustle and bustle of Bangalorean traffic i got totally carried away by the ambience and the pious people around the Ashram. As i was strolling around the book stall in the Ashram i found a calendar of Swami Vivekananda clad in black tunic and with a quote which pursued me to buy it.



The quote was “You are the Creator of Your Destiny!!”

Such a short yet so much meaningful thought very much apt to my distracting nature.

I read books, sing songs, love cooking, dance alone in the middle of the night… i mean all the wierdo jobs you see… but this quote made me just stop for a while and ponder over the basic question in life “Where is my passion for life taking me? Is it creating my destiny or …?” The wallpaper is now stuck right opposite to my bed so that whenever i get hyper i can see those words and get back to ground Zero Excitation Level.


Second earworm that has been ringing in my ears since this Monday is from the movie Coach Carter … yes the line “Our deepest fear…”

I am so much moved with this line that already i have discussed about this line in my previous post here… and now again i am quoting it here with a video only because we all are somewhere stuck between what we can achieve and what can we do to stop ourselves from getting blinded by success… With power comes the feeling of breaking down… and with no power comes the fear of not achieving things… so how do we stay balanced? It depends on what you want from your life… Whether you want to use your potential towards good or towards something which destroys hopes of many people.

Sorry for giving some “hi-fi” theory on EAR WORMS… I hope that you guys enjoyed my post…

Thanks for reading this…

Love you all,

Daily Prompt #12: 21st Century Citizen

Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen.

Hello guys,

After a long time again I am back with some blog post. Thanks for the prompt response of Daily Prompt guys who help me a lot by providing some interesting topics daily.

Today’s topic says “21st Century Citizen”

Along with that they have given a set of questions like…

Do you belong in this day and age?

The answer is YES and NO both…Sometimes i seriously feel i do not belong to this age when i see people back biting against each other and turning their minds into workshops of witch crafts… or maybe taking some unknown pleasure while hurting/rebuking others feelings…

Yet when i see the power of human intelligence used in solving some complex problems of the World like AIDS, Cancer, TB, Malaria etc i feel i am so lucky to be born in this era.
Whenever i see people suffering from social problems like Racism, Poverty, Illiteracy, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Pollution etc i sometimes feel why am i here? But at the same time some great people try to find solutions for these and are doing a tremendous amount of good work to fight against these Problems which are very very huge in magnitude as compared to the previous eras. Thanks to  people like these

bill_gates-abortion    72795_10151491451969192_813503488_n


So the next question is …..

Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century?

Yes, I am comfortable being a citizen of the 21st Century because this century teaches us to be ADAPTABLE to all the circumstances. Even if you wish or do not wish… adaptability is one such thing which has to be learnt by each and every individual in his lifetime.

This thing was long predicted by Charles Darwin.


Every part of the story has 2 shades in it. One , the brighter side and the other is the darker side… Why is that we always brood over the darker side?? Why is that we “by default” tend to think the world is bad (including me). Because its because of our perceptions towards the world.
We tend to think that the world today is very bad. We have lost all the hopes that our ancestors had on this world partly due to the day to day events that we see in Newspapers and Media or due to few bitter experiences in life.

So here i would like to share a few things that i do everyday just to keep myself Positive amidst all the bad things that tend to happen in our day to day lives. Trust me guys… i am not at all exaggerating anything here… all the things are pretty simple yet we often neglect them thinking “Come on… i am too busy to think of these things”

The first thing i do every morning is not to open the newspaper … yeah you heard it right… Its been 6 months i have stopped reading newspaper early in the morning…
and i do have strong reasons for it.
One, Each day you cannot expect something like “thousand lives saved due to this vaccine” or “Mr. so and so is all set to release #invention for the betterment of so many people” or even better “Mr. XYZ … who was a mess to society was finally jailed forever” … Instead you find news like “3 year old raped by 40 year old guy who unfortunately is her father!!!” or “Woman killed and chopped off near so and so Road … killers missing !!!” or even worse “Reputed Politician caught in a sex scandal with a famous social media activist!!!” I mean early in the morning itself there is the MURDER of the word HOPE.

And man can survive without food but not without HOPE. It is an essential ingredient in one’s life.


Secondly i strongly believe in doing things which i love everyday.


No matter how much ever busy i am i make it a habit to complete things which i love… i never go off to sleep without reading atleast a page from any book. I cannot call myself as a voracious reader but yeah i make sure i read daily. I love seeing beauty in all the small things in life….so i make sure that i never let those small moments that i spend with my friends goes off waste by doing some nonsense chit chat. Instead i prefer to stay in a group where people make me happy all the time.

Now please see this…


Listen to some peaceful music each day whenever you feel things are getting out of control. Example see the below video. You get engrossed by the music atleast for 5 seconds and you will know what’s the power of Music in your lives

The lyrics of the following video can be seen here http://breadsite.org/lyrics/570.htm

Music indeed soothes all the pain and hard feelings from your heart and energizes you for the rest of the day. So instead of opening the newspaper you can listen to some good music everyday before you dig your heads and yell “WTF”

Third , whenever i feel my expectations are not met. I… just like any other abnormal human being….get wild… i sulk, i cry, i shout but end of the day when i watch some stuff like this … i feel “Thank God !!! I am so lucky”

Also when i see that i am stuck with some mental blockage thinking this thing cannot be done from me… I always remember this video…

So each day whenever i feel World is not helping me to pursue my dreams i keep remembering myself that “Nothing is impossible” and try to be optimist.

Friends i may not be some great inspirational source to you. But i would like to conclude this piece of post by saying the following things:

We all tend to be vulnerable at some point of time in our lives but its upto us how we learn lessons from those moments and grow. 21st Century teaches us to adapt ourselves in a world where imbalance is coexisting with the balance and there is lots of chaos and disturbance everywhere. But amidst all these confusion and fury we need to find a niche for ourselves so that we can exist the remaining days of our lives peacefully. After all  what’s the point of surviving a life without mental peace??

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Thanks for reading my post and you are welcome to pen down your thoughts on the same by commenting on my post.

Love you all,