Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh. The weekly challenge guys say "...share a photo which means FRESH to you". So the first thought which came to my mind was the above picture. It is the picture of Mansarovar Lake which is situated in Tibet. It is a fresh water lake which is of very primary importance to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh


Daily Prompt #10: Your Life, the Book

Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book. Hi everybody... Hope your weekend is going very great!!! If not, then please don't get disheartened...you can cheer yourself up saying "Tomorrow is Sunday anyways!!!" Ok coming back to the point... today the daily prompt guys are telling that whom would we choose to become our biographer... At the … Continue reading Daily Prompt #10: Your Life, the Book

Daily Prompt #11: Earworm

Daily Prompt: Earworm. Hello everybody!! Once again i am back with the prompt response for Daily Prompt guys. The topic for today is "EARWORM" What is the meaning of this word Ear Worm? I checked it out in Google and found this A catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind. What … Continue reading Daily Prompt #11: Earworm

Daily Prompt #12: 21st Century Citizen

Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen. Hello guys, After a long time again I am back with some blog post. Thanks for the prompt response of Daily Prompt guys who help me a lot by providing some interesting topics daily. Today's topic says "21st Century Citizen" Along with that they have given a set of questions … Continue reading Daily Prompt #12: 21st Century Citizen