Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh.

The weekly challenge guys say “…share a photo which means FRESH to you”. So the first thought which came to my mind was the above picture.

It is the picture of Mansarovar Lake which is situated in Tibet. It is a fresh water lake which is of very primary importance to all the Hindu Pilgrims across India and more information about this beautiful lake can be found here

Want to see it live?
Please see here

People say you can find the Ultimate Peace here because the place is of such great spiritual relevance and also the water is so clear that you can almost see the bottom of the lake. And guys, its depth is 300 feet.

Today in this post i am in no way explaining you the history of Mansarovar nor explaining my wish to go there. But instead i would like to focus on a topic which is very vital amongst this busy scheduled lifestyle of ours “Calming our mind”

Our minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right said Stephen Richards, author of the book Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful.

But, due to the fast life today if you find any guy who is stressed and just poke him a little all you get is this:


Sounds odd but that’s the truth. We are stressed up due to ‘n’ number of reasons ranging from Personal Problems to WorkPlace issues. We often grumble over the fact that days are gone when we could unwind ourselves peacefully after reaching home from work. We cuss at people around us, we neglect our health, we do not give a damn to relationships, and in the end we say only one thing “I hate this life… feeling like going to some faraway land and chilling out”

But, is this feeling practically correct? The answer is NO. Months back i was discussing about how much i wanted to go to Rishikesh. My friend asked me “why” and i said “i want some peace in life”. So he shot me back a question saying “Why Rishikesh? When all you can find peace in yourself right here right now?” I was taken aback for a moment and was blank. I went to home and as i was practicing Yoga i realized my friend was right. Peace exists within us. You can be peaceful even amidst a very crowdy place if you really know the art of keeping yourselves calm.

How do we stay FRESH all the time? As fresh as the fresh water lake Mansarovar… a pure undisturbed state of mind…free from all the hustle and bustle… yet crystal clear about what you want in life… is this achievable? The answer is yes.

We need to stop thinking and reading our past. We need to accept sometimes that whatever is happening in our lives is due to some reason. Just stop for a moment and see the freshness in nature

Just relive those moments spent with your family and friends and wait… are they old memories? No, they are still fresh in your mind no matter how old you become…
When you hunt for material things in your life at the cost of your harmony all you are left with is “Disaster”

Each moment is a fresh moment in life… Its not relived before… Its just meant for you…so why create those ripples in mind when you can just sit for just 5 min and try to calm down the mind and say “Oh Mind Relax Please you are simply making things complicated”
When you do this every time you get panicked or tensed over a period of time it shows major effects on your whole body as well.

Stop taking Stress all time…Here is what Stress causes for your body.

5 min of relaxation can cause your mind to stay fresh and thus increases your productivity for about 5%. 5 mins of relaxation helps reduce almost 15% of your negative vibes and helps you to stay focussed on your work. Make your mind as calm as possible for Life is to be lived just to see how curious it makes each and every moment for us

Love yourself, Love your job, Love your family… Love Nature… Each day is fresh as yesterday … It was only YOU who made it complicated. Every problem has a solution. Every mind is a very huge freshwater lake just like the Mansarovar. Every mind has the infinite capacity to achieve whatever it wants only thing that stops us from achieving it is the ripples in it which makes us difficult to see our goals in life. So inhale some fresh air, get out of the four walls of your room and just say Hello to a fresh moment in life…


Lots of Love,


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. now again a like-able post.here is how i remain fresh. work for 90 mins giving my 100% and pull back for 15 mins . DRINK FRESH FRUIT JUICE .(this habit i learnt from my gf). read good books while in bus/cab . that way you refuel your inner system and u don’t have to worry about traffic.
    and have a quality sleep.avoid complaining and other negative thoughts.
    your 1st pic of manas-sarovar is really nice. and yeah ofcourse you find peace and serenity in places like that.

    1. Hey Sup. Thanks a lot for “Liking” my post again. Your comments have made a huge difference for my blogging since day 1. Coming back to your relaxing techniques they are as systematic as you are… pure compliments … no sarcasm. And your GF is right. Fruit Juice helps to fill in all the lost electrolytes that our Managers suck from us…..LOL

      The first pic is from WikiPedia. The biggest joke is that if you google about Mansarovar you will never find a 1020p HD pic of that place. Even in youtube very less videos are there in particular about Mansarovar. 😉

      Its my dream that one day i shall go there ….lets see how life takes me there…

  2. agreed.. we are not at all bothered about us.. the only thing is we are not stafied because of other things which are not that important.. as we feel..

  3. the lake looks and sounds amazing. Seeing the bottom and it’s 300 feet–I want to experience that. And I couldn’t agree with you more about stress and healthy living. one of the reasons I started my 50 Year blog was to focus on the good in life instead of the bad. Each day isn’t perfect but all of them are part of my journey on this wonderful planet. I want to make the most of my time so I want to enjoy the good.

    Have a lovely weekend

    1. agreed TBM. But your mission is something very very cool one to pursue… I am damn sure one day you will achieve all that you wanted to achieve with your super cool attitude….

    1. Yes Island Traveler… The lake is famous for the same. People say Only souls can survive there… and when you go there you can experience why people say like that. Totally calm and serene.

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