Concentration is the secret of strengths in politics, in war, in trade, in short in all management of human affairs. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Twitter


Too funny? Not funny?

Can something be funny? Not funny?Long time back i remember one of my office friends saying "I like mocking at people and making them embarass... i feel i did something very funny"and on the other hand i have even seen another friend of mine who says something unintentionally to be funny but it turns out … Continue reading Too funny? Not funny?

I love you Steve- Part 6

Joanne resisted for the adoption for long time. Later as her father was constantly pressurizing her ... she agreed. The same year Joanne's dad died and that Christmas Joanne married Jandali. They gave birth to a daughter named as Mona. Mona later grew up and became an acclaimed Novelist. She wrote the book "Anywhere but … Continue reading I love you Steve- Part 6

Please come back Emily!!

I was fainting .... darkness surrounded me and... As i opened the door, to my horror i could see all strange sort of humans with big heads and short noses. Their face was totally concorted and a fountain of blood was oozing from their eyes. I saved myself from those green blood sprinting from their … Continue reading Please come back Emily!!

Why is that i still write!!!!!!!!!!!

I initially planned to write something when i was a kid of 6 years old. I still remember i used to scribble something or the other about all those people who used to bully me. I usually used to prevent it being seen by my Parents because i thought it was quite shameful thing to … Continue reading Why is that i still write!!!!!!!!!!!

Trespassers Will… Break My Heart

Trespassers Will... Break My Heart. I am damn sure each one of us atleast once in their life time must have felt how terribly they failed to live upto the expectations set by their parents. Here i introduce one such dynamic blogger who pours her heart out and speaks the truth and nothing but the … Continue reading Trespassers Will… Break My Heart

My Life without Computer for few days….

If computers really did not exist in my life may be i would spend my time more productively by spending more time with my family and friends, more Listening to Radio and more reading of good books. No more annoying mails from Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon... No Spamming mails from other shopping websites..instead would sit and … Continue reading My Life without Computer for few days….