My Life without Computer for few days….

If computers really did not exist in my life may be i would spend my time more productively by spending more time with my family and friends, more Listening to Radio and more reading of good books.


No more annoying mails from Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon… No Spamming mails from other shopping websites..instead would sit and write some letters to my loved ones and recollect how nice it would be to send the letters in life and waiting for the Post Man to deliver the post to our loved ones…and we awaiting for their reply in turn….

Also i would spend some time pursuing my hobbies like cooking, gardening, learning something new or even visiting some temple to find some peace time…

Also …as my job totally is dependent on Computers … i would even hunt for some new innovative job as well…

So in short, few days without PC can make me learn so many new things about life…

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