Why is that i still write!!!!!!!!!!!

I initially planned to write something when i was a kid of 6 years old. I still remember i used to scribble something or the other about all those people who used to bully me. I usually used to prevent it being seen by my Parents because i thought it was quite shameful thing to get bullied by others in class. πŸ™‚

Over a period of time, i thought why not maintain all my secrets in a book for future reference. Because i am a store house of secrets. πŸ™‚ This continued from my 8th standard till my Graduation. While i was pursuing my Bachelors degree i thought why not publicize some of my thoughts outside my diary. Its then i googled how to blog and started blogging in BlogSpot.in.

The platform over blogger.com was not that easy for a novice blogger like me. I had created a blog but as i was poor in Social Networking skills and Internet skills i eventually forgot the blog address, password etc and finally gave up blogging until December 2012.

Then i got introduced to WordPress.com which was a kind of cool thing for a novice like me. I started writing small posts which then led me to read some amazing blogs.


Initially i thought blogging is something where you keep on writing about yourself but when i saw some amazing blogs which are quite inspiring i thought why not blog on some relevant issues of life. So, from a Simple blogger i turned into a serious blogger over a period of time and yes, i must admit the fact that my writing has improved a lot since the day i have written my first post in the year 2009.

All thanks to WordPress.com, Plinky.com, My Inspirational Bloggers (mentioned in my blog), Daily Prompts @ WordPress, Weekly Writing Challenges.

So finally now my aim is to introduce a new style of writing in blogging. A style which is weird, distorted yet lovable.

Hope you liked my post.

Thanks for reading it.

Love you all,


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