Please come back Emily!!

I was fainting …. darkness surrounded me and…

As i opened the door, to my horror i could see all strange sort of humans with big heads and short noses. Their face was totally concorted and a fountain of blood was oozing from their eyes. I saved myself from those green blood sprinting from their eyes by shutting the door hard.

As i closed the door i was panting very heavily and right then i could see a huge nasty demon staring at me.He uttered some words like “grrrkila… grrkila un sdef ffrrrr” i could not comprehend anything except he wanted to kill me right then and there itself. I ran for my life and banged the other 2 doors but they were barricaded very heavily. The demon gave his sly crafty smile seeing my helplessness and then said “Do not run from the situation. Face me if you dare”

I could not compose myself now. Because i could see blood coming out from my hands.The demon had cut my right hand thru his sharp invisible nails. I was falling now….

After a few moments i woke up and found myself under a tree. I could smell some freshly burnt wood. I turned up and saw to my horror i was sitting right under a burning tree on whose top the same demon had sat smiling at me. I ran helter skelter only to find that all the paths were leading to the same tree.

Aaah what’s happening to me? Is it a nightmare or reality?

Just then i heard my best friend Emily calling me “Zara please come here…” I followed her voice and went to a place which i had never seen before. It was full of stinking dead bodies all piled up one over the other and the soil was fully wet from the blood flowing from their bodies. As i saw Emily i felt as if my heart had stopped for a second. Both her beautiful eyes were pierced by the demon’s nails and her legs were cut.

Emily was sinking. She said “Zara please don’t leave me here and go” I assured her that i was not going to leave her die like this. Just then, i heard someone calling me “Zara… wake up”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Emily all hurt and bruised lying on the bed in St.Mark’s Hospital. I then realised what had happened to both of us.

We were returning from a party at the Pink Glam Pub when we both were hit by a fat truck driver. I remember myself falling off the scooter and landing up on the other side of the road, unable to move my hands. I only remember Emily’s helmet which had crushed under the truck wheels.

Beside me our families were there. Mommy came near me and placed her hands over my head and said “Darling… you will be fine soon”. I asked “Is Emily OK?” Mommy said “Yes she is fine but… ”

I just wished nothing happened to Emily. Please God!!! Not again. She is the only one who was with me since the day i opened my eyes in this world. She and me went to the same school and shared similar interests. She had been a very dear companion to me and now…It was all my mistake. Emily hated late night parties and hated getting drunk while driving. But i forced her to drive last night and ended up like this…

Mommy came near me and i could see trail of tears flowing down her cheeks as she said “Emily is no more…”

I felt as if the whole world crashed around me. Late in the evening i was taken to the Morgue where i saw Emily for the last time. She had the most pretty eyes and the most pretty smile ever. But now all i could see was 2 white bandages over her eyes and bruises all over her lips. I asked mommy what happened to her.

Emily’s dad came near me and said “Zara in the accident day before yesterday…. Emily was breathing her last breath when she was being taken inside the hospital. When the accident happened she was bruised and was fainting but she made sure that she called Home and said Please save Zara i cannot see her. We reached hospital immediately and found that both your eyes had lost vision due to excessive damage to the cornea. Emily was fighting for her life in the other room and she once became a little stable. We went to meet her and informed that you had met with this. She simply said that if she will die here her eyes would be transplanted to you…. and ” I was not listening anything after this…

I don’t know what was happening near me… i just could see everything blurred.

When i woke up again i saw Emily entering another door and this time she was not bruised instead she was having 2 wings as she entered the first door which was heavily barricaded that time. She had become an Angel and was travelling to her final destination. I cried Emily please come back… Emily…

But it seemed that she just would not turn back…she went off and the door shut again. Darkness once again succumbed me. I was lost.

Weeks later i was brought to home where we had arranged a condolence gathering in remembrance of Emily.

Everyone spoke how kind, gentle and energetic lady she was. Finally when my turn came all i said was “I miss you Emily. I am sorry”

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