Too funny? Not funny?

Can something be funny? Not funny?

Long time back i remember one of my office friends saying

“I like mocking at people and making them embarass… i feel i did something very funny”

and on the other hand i have even seen another friend of mine who says something unintentionally to be funny but it turns out to be a major dispute sometimes…. or even worst results into serious misunderstandings…

There is this another friend of mine who always tries to maintain a very reserved sense of humor due to the embarassment it causes to some. So basically what can be defined as funny… and what cannot be is an entirely controversial topic…

According to me anything which gives happiness unlimited and tries to ease out stress (without hurting the sentiments of others) is considered to be FUNNY. Anything that doesn’t fulfill these conditions is termed as NOT FUNNY.

So why this discrimination between funny and not-funny?

I often feel people should understand the need to be funny selectively. Because sometimes what we see as funny may not be funny to others. They may get annoyed or get mad at us. At the same time we cannot be frowning all the time as this also may cause many people to get annoyed.

Someone rightly said “This is a very strange world…”

Hence always remember that being funny is not bad but being senslessly funny is bad.

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5 thoughts on “Too funny? Not funny?

  1. dear Ambika ,
    mocking at people just to enjoy seeing them embarrassed is very different from being humorous .
    ofcourse we friends keep pulling each others leg but make sure nobody is annoyed . 😉
    yeah sometimes we are selectively humorous .
    thats being few people take certain tings very personally . so we become cautious while being fnny with them.

    and yeah crazy world!!! yes . my message -> “laugh WITH them, not AT them”

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