Don’t put a lim…

Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get. – Michael Phelps

Ward off the Monday Blues and start dreaming today….

Remember that the more you dream the farther you get.

Daily Prompt #13:Luxury of having friends- a fictional story

Daily Prompt: Luxurious.

Today the Daily Post guys have given the theme of  LUXURY.

What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

First of all let me define what is this Luxury?

Luxury in other words is nothing but something which most of them cannot afford to possess.

For Karen it was not the wealth, fame or the family which was Luxury. Perhaps in Karen’s dictionary it was something else….

Karen- a successful 26 Year old lady who runs a business of her own lives in Minnesota all alone in a flat. She has a very caring and lovely family at Wisconsin. Karen was born to a very caring and lovely yet problematic family. Even though her parents loved her very much they hardly loved each other. It was just they lived together for the sake of Karen. Karen discovered this very early in her childhood when her mom always used to keep herself engaged in some activity or another just to keep her sadness at bay.

Karen’s father always used to live in a very disconnected world. It was like he loved the family at the same time hated to be a part of it. They made it sure that Karen would get all the luxuries of life … and this included the best school, the best things which they could have afforded from their salary, best clothes etc… But they forgot to give Karen only one thing for which she is longing till now. Her parents always taught her not to trust this world and always protected from outside world including going to her friends home. This eventually made Karen harder to trust people as she went to school and made friends with wrong people. She ended up with nothing but heart breaks. Over a period of time Karen was diagnosed with depression which made her sink deeper day by day in her life. She stopped going to college and locked herself alone in a room. Her Parents were very scared of her. They sought medical help from all doctors available but each doctor said only 1 thing “She needs a friend in her life” and her parents would say “How can a friend help her? We are her best friends.She shares almost everything with us. I even know the guy on whom Karen has a crush…”

After listening to the whole thing … the doctor said alright let’s see what we can get out from her after tomorrow’s consultation. The next day Dr. Ruskin waited for Karen and there she entered … tall slim and with big blue eyes greeting the doc “Good Morning  Mr.Ruskin”. Ruskin replied “Good Morning Karen how are you doing?” Karen smiled very reluctantly and asked “So doctor today how many more questions will I have to answer?”

Dr. Ruskin : No Karen today no more awful questions … Today i am taking you for a long walk. Will you come?

Karen : OK

Dr. Ruskin took her to the long corridor of the hospital. As he was walking he saw Karen’s eyes. They were seeing flowers along the corridor and touching the petals all the way when she was walking. Ruskin broke the silence and said

Ruskin: Karen… tell me something about yourself apart from your business etc…

Karen: Well, there is nothing special about it. Its just the same like any other lady…

Ruskin : ok tell me something about your friends.

Karen (turned her face towards Doctor) : Friends? Probably that’s the only thing i don’t have in my life.

Ruskin: But, your parents confirm the fact that..

Karen : That they are my best friends… true. They are my best friends but i am not their best friend. I do not share many things with them.

Ruskin: Oh yes you cannot share everything sometimes. But tell me other than parents why nobody is your friend?

Karen : I once had a friend…. but now he is gone forever.

Ruskin: Oh I am sorry for that.

Karen: Sorry for what?

Ruskin: For your friend who is no more.

Karen : Oh no no..he is not dead. Its just that we parted away.

Ruskin: ok so your boyfriend dumped you?

Karen: No my friend left me. He wasn’t my boyfriend. He was a very good friend.

Ruskin: Then what happened?

Karen: Its just that …things did not work well and he decided to put a full stop for the friendship forever.And i am just missing him very badly and hence my parents and you concluded it as depression and are now making me walk over these lonely corridors asking explanations simply to dig out the cause for my sadness. Trust me doctor i will be fine. It’s just that i need some time for myself. I will fix myself.

Ruskin: oh that’s really so nice of you. But see Karen as a doctor i need to make you understand that currently you are in such a state of mind that you are isolating yourself from any event. You are being not sociable anymore. How will you become fine?

Karen: My depression is my cure. I am just missing Jack. He was ….. (tears running down the cheeks)

Ruskin: Hey miss, you wanna sit here? We can conduct this session tomorrow.

Karen: Ok doctor… shall i sit here for a while?

Ruskin: ok you know my ward right. Psychology department 105 room.

Karen nodded her head.

She took the book from her bag and started writing…

Dear Jack,

Here i go with the 116th letter which i am writing for you as a part of my daily routine. Its been 115 days since we have not spoken to each other. I am missing you very badly. Just to know that…. today i am once again sitting in the hospital for the so called “depression”. How will anyone understand that what a loss have i undergone in my life.

Not all people are lucky in this world to have friends. People have 2 types of friends. One best friends, 2nd Friends. You were my best friend, a friend who was there with me thru thick and thin most importantly without any expectations. Someone truly said that HAVING A FRIEND IN LIFE IS NOTHING BUT A LUXURY IN LIFE. I do realize this now each and every second after you are away from me. I never knew what a friend is and how he will be in life.. you came and filled it with so much happiness and love that i almost forgot to be lonely in life.

Now that you have gone … all i am left is your memories…

Bygone are those days when my day used to begin with your message on my phone and end with your message in my fone

Now each day is same as it was yesterday…

Life is also same each day.. fun filled, energetic, enthusiastic but end of the day it ends with tears popping out from the bottom most part of my heart..

i try to hide myself from all the world and dig myself under the rug trying to hide my sadness behind the veil…but alas… its of no use…

i come out with the least expectations of remembering you but how strange is this Life… which keeps bringing some thing or the other thing which in turn makes me remember you…

Now that i have cried like anything … tears also have stopped coming out …. now the pain is embedded into my heart so deeply that i find it impossible each day not to call you…eventhough your number is the first one which is saved in my cell phone.

Daily when i sit alone , i can feel the pain in my heart getting deeper and deeper tearing my heart inch by inch… each day until …until.. i am feeling like i am dying here daily…

This loneliness is no more the same loneliness Jack. This is sickening. This is devastating. Can’t i have the luxury of being with you again? Is it IMPOSSIBLE? This pain is something which is so hard that ….i have decided to end up my life.

My last salutations and Regards to you Jack…

By the time this letter would be read by you… I would have left this world.

Thanks for all the happiness and memories which will be with me forever.


Karen just popped some pills of sleeping pills and put herself into deep sleep… from where she would never return.

Ruskin came near Karen and ..

Ruskin: Karen aah you slept here… your mum has come.. please come.

(Karen’s eyes were shut and there lay an envelope beside her… on which there was written “116 th letter to Jack”. Ruskin took the letter and saw Karen again… he panicked and checked the pulse. Karen had passed away)

Ruskin flipped the envelope and found a sentence in big bold letters “Passing away from this world as i miss my luxury. Sorry everyone”

2 drops of tears came from Ruskin’s eyes as he said “Your mom came here with Jack and here you are like this… Karen ….. was that so hard to stay without Jack?”

I love you Steve -7

Last post I had described about Jobs’ Childhood. In this article i am going to narrate you his high school life. How he met Steve Wozniak, the guy who became his companion throughout lifetime forever…

In high school Steve met a legendary high school geek of McCollum by the name of Steve Wozniak. Woz was far more better than Jobs in terms of knowledge about Electronics.

Woz got all the basic knowledge about Electronics from his father who used to assemble all the parts of electronic gadgets infront of him. Woz’s father always taught him NOT TO LIE. His father believed in honesty and hence 40 years later when Steve was in high level than Woz he never felt bad about it as he said that

“My Father was an engineer and i always wanted to be an engineer.”

He was too shy to become someone like Steve. When Steve played his pranks Woz used to play even bigger pranks than him. At one instance Woz was sent to Juvenile Detention Centre for one night as he had fixed tick-tick devices in lockers of his class mates. The tick tick devices gave feeling of bomb and they scared many people at school. When Woz had to spend the whole night at Detention Center he did something remarkable. He taught all the prisoners some other pranks.

It was during one of the summers at Homestead High that Woz was introduced to Steve Jobs and they had a long walk.
They discussed about the pranks they had played etc etc.Woz and Steve had pretty much many things in common.Woz liked Steve’s energy. Steve also liked Woz as he had met for the first time who was far more intelligent than himself in the field of Electronics. In addition to this, both Woz and Steve had passion for music.

The music of Bob Dylan and these pranks together had its effect on Apple.

More on the topic .. in the next article…

Quote for the evening!!!

Only so far as a man believes strongly, mightily, can he act cheerfully, or do anything that is worth doing.

(In regards to Don Quixote) It’s the greatest tale of adventure and search for moral meaning ever written by man.

many people said its quite boring? Is it? Please share your views