I love you Steve -7

Last post I had described about Jobs’ Childhood. In this article i am going to narrate you his high school life. How he met Steve Wozniak, the guy who became his companion throughout lifetime forever…

In high school Steve met a legendary high school geek of McCollum by the name of Steve Wozniak. Woz was far more better than Jobs in terms of knowledge about Electronics.

Woz got all the basic knowledge about Electronics from his father who used to assemble all the parts of electronic gadgets infront of him. Woz’s father always taught him NOT TO LIE. His father believed in honesty and hence 40 years later when Steve was in high level than Woz he never felt bad about it as he said that

“My Father was an engineer and i always wanted to be an engineer.”

He was too shy to become someone like Steve. When Steve played his pranks Woz used to play even bigger pranks than him. At one instance Woz was sent to Juvenile Detention Centre for one night as he had fixed tick-tick devices in lockers of his class mates. The tick tick devices gave feeling of bomb and they scared many people at school. When Woz had to spend the whole night at Detention Center he did something remarkable. He taught all the prisoners some other pranks.

It was during one of the summers at Homestead High that Woz was introduced to Steve Jobs and they had a long walk.
They discussed about the pranks they had played etc etc.Woz and Steve had pretty much many things in common.Woz liked Steve’s energy. Steve also liked Woz as he had met for the first time who was far more intelligent than himself in the field of Electronics. In addition to this, both Woz and Steve had passion for music.

The music of Bob Dylan and these pranks together had its effect on Apple.

More on the topic .. in the next article…


3 thoughts on “I love you Steve -7

    1. Thanks for your kind words A.D. I am down with fever since many days hence its lying idle. I will soon visit your blog too. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog and bringing a smile on my face.


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