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Reading Material

Daily Prompt: Reading Material.

How do you pick what blogs or books to read? What’s the one thing that will get you to pick up a book or click on a link every single time?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHOICES.

To begin with let me start telling you one by one…

How do i choose Blogs?Very simple…

Step1: Open the

Step 2: Click on the Reader

Step 3: CLick the first post, read it, like it/comment on it then move on to DailyPost at which is something like an encyclopedia of hundreds of blogs from all over the world..

What is that one thing that interests me to read some blog?

A blog speaks about the Person who is writing it. It is nothing but a projection of his own personality, a reflection of his environment and a glimpse of his perceptions towards Life. Be it for the good cause or the bad. No doubt in saying that i first go by the Title of the Blog Post. I then go thru the About Page and try to understand what exactly is the Writers opinion about life…Then i start reading some posts. Secondly i also prefer “references” or in short the ping-backs. I make sure each ping back is visited and i get to see yet another amazing posts by some beautiful people. Things which describe the reality of life interests me more because we see Political Writings, Debates, Movie Reviews etc everyday on Television, Newspaper etc… but how much can we afford to get to see someone’s life who is thousands of miles away from us.Each story makes me feel life is so positive…

Now comes “books to read”

How do i choose books?

In the era of Online Shopping gone are those days when i used to ask my fellow classmate or someone regarding a particular book and then visit a cosy BookStore and read a book, and then decide whether i should go for Book A or Book B. Now all i do is first open and type “top 100 best novels India” Then i get some authentic lists by or I visit the websites, read some preview and then just click “Buy”.

What sort of books interests me?

Basically i read any kind of book available on this planet except it should be in an understandable format. Books about love, life, self help, thriller, crime, philosophy, adventure and Motivation grab my attention. I try to pick those kind of books which portray the emotions of human beings in a very detailed manner. I love to read and explore those kind of books which help me discover the inner psyche and also helps me overcome my negativity.

Finally comes “Photography”

How do i choose my theme for photography?

I usually love to see the world in a very different way when it comes to LENS. The world which we see daily is my theme. I always try to capture something very natural in a day’s activity yet how people neglect the beauty of it. People Photography is my theme always. We live in a society and society is nothing but set of people living together. So my theme is all around them. The good, bad and ugly of it constitutes my theme.

I hope i have made a little justice to the Theme given by the Daily Prompt Guys by illustrating my interests in the form of a small blog post.

Thanks for giving it a read…

Love you all,



Motorcycles and Books constitute my life!

4 thoughts on “Reading Material

  1. let me say how i choose blog
    a)go to wordpress ..
    b)look for my favourite blogger’s blog
    c)if found, then read it and comment it.
    d)else, see if there is anything inspirational, beautiful,thought Provoking topics
    e)read it and comment it.
    Like i did now:)


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