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Apology accepted…

What do you do when someone apologises to you?

  1. Do you easily forgive and forget?
  2. Do you forgive and then never forget that?

I fall under the second category. I forgive people very easily but never forget what they have done to me.

Apologies can grant forgivance but they cannot take back the pain. After series of backstabbing and betrayals i have become very cold to all the apologies in my life. Because they never heal my pain. They only add lessons in my life and make me more alone.

The only reason why i feel that some apologies are incompetent because they are nothing but an array of the same age old letters like “stop being sad” “please dont go away” “i am sorry” which are pretty much same.

If you really want to apologise something to your dearest person … please stop begging for forgivance and start taking initiative to heal their pain. ACTIONS SPEAK BETTER THAN WORDS.

Give some warmth and love to your dear ones and try to listen to them instead of being very cold to them. Give them some more respect. Man does not need apologies when his trust has been broken. All he needs is some love and respect back again.

Stand by your friends when they need them and don’t abandon them. IF YOU DON’T STAND UP FOR SOMETHING YOU WILL FALL FOR EVERYTHING.

Give them some quality time instead of your mere sorrys and poems. Who needs your beautiful words when you have already defined your limitations of being a true friend.

When someone offers you a hand in help make sure that you also offer them a hand when they need you.

Try to read between the lines instead of assuming that your friend is OK.

Because no matter how close you are to your friend, how genuinely you apologise to someone ….


My sincere words who agree to my idealogy is “Stop welcoming everyone to your heart. If you welcome them make sure they are free to walk away by giving you loads of lessons and tons of pain”




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