Daily Prompt #22: BFFs

Daily Prompt: BFFs.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDS.

Friends – a nice word to ponder upon in my life.

By the way who is a friend?

The standard Oxford Dixtionary says


In all the above references it means only 1 thing. A person who stands by you as a support through thick and thin.

Now comes broad classification of friends in real life scenario.

  1. Hi-Bye Friends
  2. Girl Friends
  3. Boy Friends
  4. Sarcastic Friends
  5. Supportive Friends
  6. Selfish Friends
  7. Boring Friends
  8. ….
  9. last but not the least… Misunderstood people whom we assume to be friends.

Well I need not explain all the categories of friends to you guys as you are very well aware of all the categories. Today I am going to share 2 types of friends who have literally changed my life both for the Good and the Bad ways.

Instead of being depressive as usual let me begin the post with a little shot of optimisim.


In my life the I have had the rare privilege of having some real friends who still stand by me no matter how ugly is the situation. I call them Friends for lifetime. Thank God… they came in my life when all else was broken in my life. When all else fails, there is this thing called as “Family”. And this Family need not constitute our own blood relatives.
Because sometimes Strangers become more than family and Family becomes more than Strangers.

So my Family constitutes my mom, few real friends (not more than 5) and myself. My entire life runs around this little world which is very supportive and inspiring for me each day each minute.

The biggest lesson that I have learnt from this little family of my own is “Be yourself. People will love you the way you are. Respect each living thing in this world with dignity. Losing hope is the last thing that you should do once you stop breathing forever. Never give a damn for someone who brings only pain in your life. Have a clear cut strategy of
how things are gonna be in your life”

Frankly speaking… it took me 20+ years to learn the above 6 Lines and another 2 years to put them into practice.
Thanks to the Type 2 Friends who quickened my process of learning.
They made the process of learning these life lessons so cool that I cannot stop giving credit to their little, big, ugly deeds that they have done to me.

Here you go…

Type 2: FRIEND?

All those years when my Family kept on repeating me that i should grow up to differentiate between good people and bad people… i gave the slightest attention to what they actually meant. But once i started encountering more and more people in my life the fog got lifted slowly until there came a day when i got the skill of keeping some people always at bay in my life.

I value them the most but i dare not to bring them in the inner circle of my life. I value these people a lot as they are “Lesson Givers” in my life. They made me more calmer and more tolerant to irritable situations. They showed me where i belong to and what are the different prospects where i can grow in my life. They tried to show me how to axe others feelings with a single statement and then
shamelessly wag their tail once again to befriend someone.

ok enough of credit giving… coming to real point.

I have met this specific group of “friends” who never stand by you… never try to understand you… never know you also completely… yet become utterly JUDGMENTAL on all the tiny stuffs about you. They infuse pessimism you and try to demoralize you each day. The moment you lift their veil they become all arrogant and defend themselves by saying “we are being very honest about this…”

They can become purely irritating at some points in your life where they cease to understand the real definition of friendship and start proving that they are the greatest human beings who understand what is it to be a friend in your life.

I have a very nice gift wrapped with lots of love for those people. That is “F**** You Dear Friend !!! Thanks for the good lesson. You are simply not worth of being my friend.”

It took me lots of years to shun these type of people in my life. Thanks to Robin Sharma’s Books. This one line from Robin Sharma’s book really made it so easy for me.

You may have some 1000+ people in your circle. But if we pause for a while and just think…”Whether all of them really matter to me or not?” we will definitely get the best answer. Choosing limited number of people who influence your life well is really very important in one’s life. Else you may end up being a victim like me who is still taking lessons from Type 2 …

Have a happy and Blessed day ahead people!!!

Thanks for giving this post a read…

Love you all,


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