Happy Valentine’s Day!

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love.

Remember your first crush? Think about that very first object of your affection. Oh, the sweaty palms. The swoony feeling in your stomach. Tell us the story of your first crush. What was it about this person that made your heart pound? Was the love requited? Change the names to protect the guilty or innocent if you must! No judgement here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SMITTEN.

What is so special about this thing called as “First Love”?

Well…the quote below speaks all about it.


Yes, that’s right the feeling of being in love for the first time is something which never fades from your memory.

The very person with whom almost every girl falls in love is her dad.


The very concept of love starts with “Family”. The feeling of loving each other and caring for each other starts here. Its from here we see and set our ideal soul mates’ qualities, expectations etc. So basically Family plays a very important role in choosing our first love.

ll Every girl expects that her first love should always be a person who can make her forget the rest of her whole life and show her an altogether new world. She fills her eyes with dreams unlimited and starts jumping off the ground.

But sometimes as we all know expectations never come true or even if they come true they may not last for longer time and we eventually break up with our first love and move on with our life with loads of pain. College life as many people say is the golden period of ones life. It can give you loads of happy memories and also tonnes of painful experiences too.

One such experience which is commonly found in everyone’s life is “First Love Failure”. What happens when we fail to possess our very own first love in our life?

Can be terribly painful… isn’t it?

Oh Yes… it is..

First love … an experience unparalleled to anything else…it makes you laugh… makes you cry… but in the end stays in your heart forever.

Here i go … sharing a few videos which best describe the sweetness of First Love.

So, be it sad, or be it a happy one the first love is always something very special to our heart… It just touches our soul like anything and leaves its imprints forever.


Once again wishing you a Happy Valentines Day and ending this post.

Love you all,


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