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Reading is Sexy!!!!

Daily Prompt: New Sensation.

New hairstyle, New clothing, New boots… Exploring different fashion trends… i hope all these perfectly describe the adolescence when we are more anxious to try out different stuffs and experiment a lot with our looks.

We try to make each step a “Fashion Statement” and we are very much restless if we don’t try out different stuffs with respect to Fashion.

During my adolescent years, I was very much keen on experimenting with my looks but due to some or the other reasons i always found “Books” taking a top priority than clothes/accessories.

Books have always seduced me more than anything else and have always given me more pleasure than any other thing in life.

gg Books have always helped me to widen my knowledge on different aspects of life and has always helped me to overcome the problem of not having a good friend in my life.

The very moment i used to enter into the library i used to forget the outside world completely and start digging myself deep into the world of fictional characters. It used to make me see all the other cribbing issues in my life very small.

There once came a moment in my life when i met a huge crisis in my life and i was totally upset with my everything i encountered with. It was an awful phase of my life. Away from friends, family, and coping up all the shit alone.

For days i used to lock myself up in the room and think … think… think.

How to come out of this hell?

There i came across a quote in newspaper.

“Reading is therapeutic”

I found that interesting and started taking this reading habit so seriously that over few years i finished reading atleast 100 books. And i won’t call myself as a big time reader but yeah i have really found Book Reading to be a fashion statement.

People can take away your wealth from you. Time can take your beauty away from you. People may betray you. You may lose your loved ones in this journey of life. Fashion can change over decades. Only thing that remains constant is the content in the books. They were apt yesterday… and are valid even till today. The best example for that is The BhagavadGita.


The Gita is considered to be the holy book for Hindus. The concepts and the verses mentioned in Gita are valid even till today. And the best example is that even till this date millions and millions of people are still reading it and finding answers for all their current day problems.

Books never become outdated like other fashion statements. And Reading is very sexy.


I once read in a book written By Edward De Bono on “How to have a beautiful mind?”

In the introduction of the book, the author mentions the relevance of having a beautiful mind over beautiful body. He says what is the point in being dressed in modern clothes and being fashionable when you have the most boring minds on this Earth. On the other hand, no matter how you dress… if you have a beautiful mind which has lots of interesting stories/parables/anecdotes/jokes/amazing things to share I am damn sure you always win more friends than others.

Reading books has helped me a lot to improve my own mistakes in life and has helped me guide myself when i was undergoing many ups and downs in my life. Books have helped me network with some of the greatest and amazing people that I have ever seen in my life. I can live without money but not without books. They have become an inevitable element in my lifestyle. No matter whether i read or not but i always have 2 books in my back pack. The very presence of books gives me the courage to achieve the impossible in my life.

I am proud to have made Book Reading as a fashion statement in my life. I have earned true friends thru this habit of mine.

What about your fashion statement? What is that one thing without which you cannot live?

Please do share your views on the same.

Lots of love,



Motorcycles and Books constitute my life!


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