As seen by Others ….

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Today for the first time since I started blogging I have attempted for a Movie Review.

Luckily it is about the most famous hyped movie of Kannada Film Industry i.e. “Ulidavaru Kandanthe” (in short I have Used “UK” in this blog)

Meaning “As seen by Others”

Please see the trailer first

The First and foremost thing as usual which I do in my blogging is take a word then probe deeply into its roots. So here I go with the word “Perspective”

What is “Perspective”?


In Kannada, perspective means “Drishtikona”

Wait why am I talking like a philosopher speaking about Perspectives. Ain’t I sounding like your HR who refuses to give you an Outstanding Rating inspite of all ur hardwork by saying “You are right in your way but I feel you were an ass”

Will you blame your HR now because he screwed your appraisal or will you blame yourself for not giving your 105% in work to qualify for that elite class. Both are right in their own ways. Who is to be blamed? NOBODY.

UK throws light on the same concept. In one liner it discards the age old concept of I’M RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG. Instead it makes us put ourselves in shoes of other person in order to feel why the other guy thinks he is right.

A very hi fi concept wrapped into a very juicy bottle of Slice which like Katrina Kaif you have to savour minute by minute with lots of thought provoking questions.

>> First, its not for people or in other words MORONS who say KANNADA INDUSTRY UDDHARA AGALLA MAGA. Its a tight slap on their face.

>> Second, its not for people who think 2 ROMANCEU 4 FIGHT OND TRAGEDY IDRE ADU MOVIE KANO people. Because this genre never understands this intellectual movie.

Its for those who have clear mindset when they go and stand before Popcorn counter in a Multiplex and say “Maga ill tinnad beda horgade chitranna tinanna” Why??? Confuse aitha??? Sakat confuse agirbekalla

Welcome to Namma Kudla Guy Rakshit Shetty Alias Richies world. Who cusses “Saavu ya” and says “Lets go for a ride”

And when this boy says “Lets go for a ride” Ohhh Boy… you are in for a roller coaster ride of myriad emotions wrapped up neatly in lots of mini meals packets which will all end in one climax but again will make u feel you ate 6 plates of mini meals served in big plate.

Ganchali saku lemme discuss how I saw Ulidavaru Kandanthe.

Rights poyi…

The TV9 anchor Sheetal Shetty who is Regina in this movie becomes the #1 narrator of the whole story who presents before you the entire story in an unadulterated format. Hats off to her performace. She has maintained the poise required for this role and has not just been “tas pus English journalist” but is a very intellectual namma kudla style girl who presents coastal Karnataka the way it is.

Sheetal Shetty (Regina)
Sheetal Shetty (Regina)

Rishab Shetty (Raagu in UK), friend of Richie in movie has maintained the mixture of anxiety, helplessness, con all wrapped up neatly in his tough body. He becomes a child when he encounters Tara (Ratnakka- Raagus mother) for the first time and the emotions displayed there are awesome. Tara has given her best in this role and she can make even a stone melt with her tears rolling out like pearls from her eyes in the reunion scene. One can remember their Amma(Mummy anthella naav bariyalla) atleast once during that scene.

The narrator of Raagus story who is a Kundapura Kannadiga has done very well. He presents the desperation of Raghu in a very neat format and makes you feel “Kundapura Kannada Kalibekittu kanla”

2 friends of Richie can be aptly named as the most efficient side kicks for Richie (Rakshit Shetty). They have added more and more hype for his Phata poster nikla hero FYI your attention please”

Rakshit Shetty as Richie
Rakshit Shetty as Richie

Shetru has done very well as the muscle power Shetty of Mangalore who keeps few youngsters to achieve his mean ends. He has done complete justice to the role as “saavkaarru”.

Achyut Kumar as Balu has added flavours to the entire movie with his powerful acting and awesome replication of Kota Accent. He depicts one of the perspectives of the movie so beautifully that the next time you see a crow near your office you will remember the message given by Balanna thru the crow.

Yajna Shetty as Sharada who plays the role of sister to Balu has added the touch of “Coastal Heroine” with her beautiful innocent face just like in Yeddelu Manjunatha. No wonder why the tough guy Kishore (who has acted as Munna) falls for her in the movie in the song “Ghatiya ilidu”

Kishore aww man he looks killer machine riding on the bullet with RayBan glasses and the child artist “Democracy” on it. He looks awesome and steals the show with his awesome acting which cannot be sidelined. His feelings for Sharada are expressed so beautifully throughout the movie.

Kishore as Munna with Democracy
Kishore as Munna with Democracy

Democracy enidu?

Of the people , By the People, For the people says our Democracy– the child artist who entertains you as equally as Richie and others with his cute innocent face. He plays the role of assistant to munna in this movie. He also adds more colors to UK with the song PAPER PAPER MEDICINE PAPER

Now you may say “Enchina saav marre Rakshit bagge modle bardu sayadalva… Entha marl blog marre” (What sort of a blog is this without any description of Rakshit Shetty)

(in madness lies beauty)

SELF APPRAISAL saaku lets now introduce why Rakshit Shetru took last place in this review.

Simple aagond love story movie was the first movie I watched after Mungaru Male. That too Thanks to @Dreamman2020 for introducing me to world of fresh movies again. I liked Rakshit in the movie from beginning till end. The romantic hero camouflaged himself so well as Richie in this role that for a moment I doubted is this the same hero??? Facts are facts no matter what.

From the moment he breaks door and enters with yellow garland in his neck and RayBan glasses on his eyes plus black shirt coupled with Police Belt saying PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE HERE WE MEET AGAIN till “Confuse agtunta …” meaning “Are you getting confused?” he steals the entire show with his new power packed screen presence.

Being the son of a church father he totally contradicts to his upbringing by transforming himself to a local goon due to a dark incident in childhood. He portrays the dark nature of Richie with the same excellence as he does by being a kirik party infront of Regina. He engrosses himself into the role so much that for a moment you forget you are seeing the same age old Kannada heroes.

Fresh perspective , his trance mode of dancing with the pili vesha and his cussing words “Byavarsi” “Enthada nagudu marl huh” “Saav aa nindu” which of course got beeped up in Multiplex (Highly disappointing part of this movie was all bad words were beeped.) I literally broke into tears when “Byavarsi” word got silenced in Multiplex. Anyways no hard feelings.

A guy who spends the best of his childhood in police remand home obviously turns insane. But the point is where does this insanity take you? Will you destroy the world of the person because of whom you were forced to stay in remand home tolerating all the torture?
Yes??? (you dont dare to say No. NO helidre shoot madbidtini magane)

Shoot madbeka?
Shoot madbeka?

Richie alias Richard Antony is a carefree guy who is ruthless at the same time has the heart of a child inside him but is literally vexed up with dark events of his life. How does he cope all this when he meets his culprit once again? He wont forgive. Yes. True but what does he do and how come this one event takes 6 strange perspectives and surprisingly all 6 Versions of the story are true only if you see it through the lenses of each individual in the movie and not your lenses.

See it like the rest and experience one event in 6 flavours. Just like when you say “maga illi thinad beda … Horgade chitranna tinana”. You are right from your perspective. And the “yogyate illa bandbidtare multiplex ge” look on the Food Court guy is valid from his own perspective.

If one meal is served in 6 different thalis does the meal change??? No.only the perspective of how you feel after eating the same meal in different thalis makes difference.

My analogy maybe wrong. Maybe right too. Its upto you whether you hit LIKE or click x on your browser window.

Hey wait… BGM and Cinematography bagge hele illa. Please permit me to waste another 5 min of your time. Please.

BGM is given by Ajanish Lokanath and  I dont wanna discuss anything on this except 2 lines because simple facts need not be retold.

“Its not just electric guitar and few thumping beats compose music for cinema.
Its music which pierces the souls of characters as well as audience makes cinema complete and UK Does it excellently”

Cinematography by Karm Chawla is excellent and Editing by Sachin is neat and  to be precise I dont know much about Cinematography and Editing. But in one liner

“Spending crores of rupees on shooting at foreign locations with high end cameras and budget doesnt qualify a movie for quantitative movie.
Its the lens which presents the movie taking even smallest to smallest aspect into the part of the story qualities for a quantitative movie. UK does it very excellently”

Before closing

“Jai Karnataka Maathe.
Jai Kudla…
Jai Rakshit Shetru”

Thanks for reading my review.

Feel free to express your views on my review.

Lots of love,


Experimental Movie Maker – Upendra

‘A’ ಫಾರ್ ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ.


This post is dedicated to all those people who want to explore more about Experimental Cinema Making.

Its a story about one of the top 100 Directors of the World called as “Upendra”.

Please have a look at it.

My friend Adarsha A has really made this post viral over facebook so thought of sharing this with all you guys.

Daily Prompt # 26:Online Friends

Daily Prompt: Something So Strong.

Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

I have 2 good friends.

They are Veer and Arjun and we met over online 7 years back.

We have been good friends since then. The only thing that has kept our friendship so strong till now is that we trust each other very well and also give each other the personal space that is required for both of us.

Glad to have both of them in my life.

Me and Veer
Me and Veer
Me along with Veer and Arjun
Me along with Veer and Arjun


Donate a Toy, Bring a Smile

Hi Friends,

Today the Plinky Guys have thrown an indeed new topic “Unaffordable Toy” from our own childhood. I feel its a waste of time thinking what i did not have way back when i was a kid. Instead how great it would be to donate toys for someone who are just like you, craving for some good fluffy toys in their childhood.

cute doll wallpapers

Time and Tide definitely waits for none. So your childhood can never be brought back but we can definitely help other kids have the privilege to own some good toys.

Here I am listing out few online sites which are doing really good job for bringing smiles on the faces of those kids.


The journey began on August 15th, 2004. Shweta Chari, an Electronics Engineer founded Toybank with a vision of reaching out to children through fun and play using toys. A small idea that started in a small restaurant in Bombay has over the years gathered momentum with the help and support of friends and volunteers from all across Bombay. Within a shortest span of time and very minimal resources, Toybank is bringing smiles on thousands of deprived faces. Toybank acts as a leveler of the society by taking toys from those that can give and distributing them to the ones in need.

In a way Toybank attempts to prove the belief of John.F.Kennedy, ‘If the free society cannot help the many that are poor, it can never save the few who are rich.’

Toybank honestly dreams to place a toy in the hands of every child in India and the world. The toy shapes the psyche of the children, so utmost care is taken to give only unbiased and morally correct toys to children. (Source : Toy Bank)

For further information please visit


Children Toy Foundation (CTF) is a Mumbai-based NGO and aims to educate children beyond reading and writing, to acquire real skills, a sense of pride, to develop a positive attitude and to learn while having fun. Established in 1982, by Shri Devendra Desai, (the Managing Trustee) CTF is a registered charitable trust whose prime objective is to inculcate among children in particular and people in general a genuine love for toys and games. (Source:


My names Sarah. I’m a mother to a beautiful daughter, & cheeky son, a wife to a brave fireman, and an Indie Doll & Softie Designer and Pattern Maker .

My mission is to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, especially orphaned children around the world ……. to provide them with a source of comfort …… to send them love, one dolly at a time! (Source: Dolly Donations)


Crescent Bay Doll Fanciers understands what it means to love your collection of dolls but need to trim the collection down. We also understand that some of us grow out of our dolls and want to find a new home for them. If you have a collection you are no longer interested in maintaining, or you are trying to disperse a family member’s doll collection, or you would like to make a doll donation to a Jr. club or a non- profit organization, or you’d just like to get rid of your dolls, let us help you. Don’t just dump your dolls, and before considering donating to a Good Will or Salvation Army, though worthy organizations, why not donate to an organization or people that can appreciate your dolls and is about dolls!

As a non-profit organization any donation you make to the club may be tax deductible. We can help relieve you of the burden of dolls you may have acquired but are no longer of interest to you. We are always willing to accept donations of dolls for our club collection, charitable endeavors, and to share with our Jr. Collectors and members just starting out in collecting. We can also help you with yard or estate sales of your collections, and our own members are always looking to expand their collections. (Source: Website)


This is not a post for promoting any website. Individual opinions are being expressed here.

I hope you felt good after seeing these people who are trying to make the best out of the situation and reach out to those kids who really deserve some share from your happiness.

Please let me know how you feel about donating something to a really deserved person.

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