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Can’t we be friends Kiara?

Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.

via Daily Prompt: Why Can’t We Be Friends?.

Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.

I am presenting before you guys a story of 2 friends who wished they could stay as best friends forever.


There was lot of chaos running in my mind when i took this girl in my arms and ran towards the ambulance.

“And I… will always love you
I will always love you
I will always love you
I will always love you”

A song by Whitney Houston was coming in slow volume from my big headsets. I really love you Kiara i whispered slowly bringing her hand close to my heart with tears rolling down my cheeks.


I am Alan. I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in English and today is my last day of my 4th Semester in my college. Mom called me just now to wish me a great day. Dad called me right behind her from Sweden saying “All the best”. Wow what a big day it is to me in my life?

Is every guy on this Earth gonna think the same way as I am today?? Just when i was thinking about this I saw this girl again today dressed in Navy Blue Dress and wearing a white scarf round her neck and a leather jacket in her right hand. Awwww. God… why do you create such a beautiful thing who can make my heart beat skip all the time… and stop my mouth from saying those 3 simple words “I Love You”.

She was talking to her best friend Maria and as soon as she saw me dressed all well and looking towards her with desperate eyes she quickly said something to Maria and sent her off. She waved hand and called me out “Hey Alan Whats up??”

As soon as I heard her voice I quickly summarised my speech once again for the nth time in my mind and remembered all the check points once again like where I have to hold her hand and where I have to pause etc etc. But Oh God… I am unable to recall the first sentence… Jesus …

She came near me and my heart was pounding like hell. I said Kiara Hi… How are you??? I am fine. And i once again lost myself to her eyes. They were black and the eye liner was perfectly lined…

Kiara then touched my shoulders and said “Hey Alan I bought 2 tickets for a Hindi Movie. Just make sure that you arrive on time this time. And please  come to Forum Mall and not the other mall and keep giving stupid excuses”. I replied “ok. What time is the movie?” She frowned at once looking at me and said as usual 2:30PM Alan.

Kiara: I guess something is wrong with you. Are you ok? And why are you smiling so much?

Me: Oh yes. I .. I .. just forgot the keys of my room. Will catch you up later. See ya.

Kiara : But your room key is right there in your left hand?

Me: Oh yes. (Man … girls are so intelligent that they can find out what’s there in our pockets but fail/ atleast pretend to understand whats there in our

Kiara: Oh come on. Its already 12:00PM now. Shall we move now? Kripa, Sahana, Jude, and others are waiting for us.

Me: ok. hey Kiara wait. I have got to tell you something. Look its pretty complicated but simple but can be hurtful… (Oh Man.. Where is the Lover in me… Why am i fumbling?”)

Kiara: ok… is there any issue with Jude and Kripa again.

Me: No. Its about you and me. I think I am in love with you.

(I closed my eyes for about 2 seconds and opened them again just to make sure I was not slapped)

Kiara did not speak anything. She just kept her mouth shut. After a long silence we spoke to each other and Kiara said She did not love me and she just liked me as her friend. I was standing there like a loser thinking “What the hell is this “Like you as a friend” means?” . She then said “I resemble a lot like her brother who ran away from home years back and with whom she used to share all the best things in life together”

I was feeling like “Whaaaaaaaaat… Me and resembling like her bro. Wait!!! Did she just brozone me now? No? Yes? Oh…Speak up boy speak up”

I said “Kiara stop. You love me or not?” in a stern tone.

Kiara had tears lined up like arsenal of bullets in her eyes and she said “Alan why are you doing this to me? I love you but just as a friend.”

I got her point and accepted the situation gracefully for the moment and i said “Ok. It was just an infatuation from my end. Let’s be friends as usual and forget about this proposal but Kiara i really think we can be lovers… because our chemistry is so good that even the Chemistry Professor hates us being together and we know about each other so well”

Kiara told me that this thing will not work as she never thought of this relationship in any other manner except “Friendship” and stressed on the point that i cannot be her friend nymore as I love her now and lots and lots of reasons and finally she told her verdict that “I am just like her brother” which nearly broke my heart into zillion pieces at one shot. I hate girls when they brozone me. That too a brozone from Kiara??? No ways. We then hardly spoke to each other afterwards and this made all our friends doubt on us and we cooked a nice story that we both hate each other now. Nobody could figure out what really went wrong between us. But yeah the Chemistry Professor from the other block seemed quite happy.


I was sweating out like hell in this packed wedding hall when I saw a beautiful girl roaming around in red saree flipping her hair. I thought of seeing her face but my vision was blocked by Jude. We met again after 6 years for Kripas wedding and Jude was all in hip style looking at his ex-girlfriend marrying someone else. He cussed at the groom who looked like a fat potato but earned big bucks and finally is now becoming the owner of Kripa for a life time. We then became a little nostalgic and Jude once again asked “Hey what happened between you and Kiara that day? She and You were like love birds. I heard she is married to some handsome software engineer from US?”

I quickly tried to hide my feelings and said “Hey come on who cares. I hate her now. And its all over. I am happy that she finally got married.”

I took my DSLR and started caputuring the beautiful moments of the wedding when I suddenly got interrupted again. Without turning back i adjusted my lens and shouted “Jude why do you always interrupt me when i am clicking something?”. I heard “Alan…”

I recognized this voice at once and all the hidden emotions came to resurface at once and I said “Hey Kiara … you in red saree wow… i mean… ”

Kiara smiled and I once again felt like reliving the moment again. Her smile took me again to the same day when I proposed her. Kiara then said “Kripa was calling you for a group photograph” I said alright and moved along with her. I could feel her sweet perfume once again, her presence was extraordinary. She was the only woman who knew me completely. But wait… where is her Mangalsutra and toe ring? I was rethinking it again when Kripa and Jude and we all met and forgot everything else.

After the marriage was all over and I was ready to go to my home town. I plugged in my ears a song in repeat mode which me and Kiara always loved in our college days “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston.

I still remember the lyrics of this song till now and it now suited perfectly for the moment

Bittersweet memories –
That is all I’m taking with me.
So good-bye.
Please don’t cry:
We both know I’m not what you, you need

I saw Kiara standing in the bus stand. I drove my car near her pulled my headsets out of my ear and as soon as she saw me she said “Alan could you please drop me till D.R. Junction?” How strange is this life. There used to be a time when she used to say “Get your bike out I wanna go to the local tea stall” and now she is asking for a simple lift. I said “Kiara you need not be so formal. Get inside the car.”

As soon as she got inside the car I once again felt I have got everything in life. I asked Kiara “How is your life? Did not invite me for your wedding?”

Kiara spoke very softly saying “I got divorced a year back”

I stopped my car at DR Junction and did not know what to speak. I simply asked her “What? I am so sorry. D. R. Junction.”

Kiara replied “Its ok. Thanks Alan.”

Just before she could get out I called her name “Kiara…. can we speak for few mintues just in case you dont have any commitments for the rest of the day”

We then went to local coffee shop and as usual spoke for about 1 hour about those college days. We had a hearty laugh when suddenly she said “Shall we go to our college?” I agreed. We cracked some jokes and went about the college corridors when Kiara poked me and said “You remember Alan… this place.. you proposed me” and she started laughing like anything. I thought was it so funny? Kiara then sat down on a stone bench and said about how her marriage became a disaster and etc etc. I was not listening to anything except seeing her eyes and her. She still looked the same innocent girl when I first met her.

I then rose from my bench and knelt down before her and said

“Kiara I love you. Will you be my best friend forever in my life again. I know you will say NO again but…”

Just then i sound something crackling above us and before we could do anything the beam over the bench collapsed and fell over me and Kiara. I could now only see blood everywhere. Kiara fainted and everything was blurry for me. But i woke up from the pain and took this girl in my arms and started walking out. Someone called an ambulance after seeing both of us bleeding and I took this girl in my arms and went inside the ambulance.

There was lot of chaos running in my mind when i took this girl in my arms and ran towards the ambulance.

“And I… will always love you
I will always love you
I will always love you
I will always love you”

A song by Whitney Houston was coming in slow volume from my big headsets. I really love you Kiara i whispered slowly bringing her hand close to my heart with tears rolling down my cheeks. Kiara you wake up once and accept me as your lover and I would not ask anything else in my life. My eyes too closed and I dont remember what happened next. There was a black out……

I could see Kiara being operated by doctors and see myself being carried out of hospital along with my parents and lots of relatives crying around. I could clearly see that i was now just a dead body now and Kiara there is fighting for her life inside the ICU.

God please keep her safe and protect her as I love her as always. She is my best friend and She is my Lover. What if, we could not be friends when i was alive… Atleast now she will consider me as her best friend for the rest of her life.


Motorcycles and Books constitute my life!

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