Daily Prompt # 32:Sexy #SRK

Black eyes, Envious Hairline, Charming Personality and dream celebrity for every interviewer..

Redefinition of romantic hero in India … yes you guessed it right its my favorite movie star “ShahRukh Khan”  or popularly called as “SRK”

The Daily Post guys actually asked us to write a piece of essay on best confidence outfit. For me SRK is the perfect man when it comes to best dressed male celebrities in India.

I am posting some random photographs which i like from the vast gallery of Photos on SRK

ss 01tweet1 8691132645_167678f41a_o 9800991034_ce67fde96c_o 11287708815_c8dcd338d1_o (1) mzl.hqnluukd

For more prompts on what others think about the “Sexy Thing” of their life ….please click the below link…



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