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A Form of Flattery

A Form of Flattery.

Write a post about any topic you want, but in the style of an author or a blogger you admire.

I myself keep Rarasaur and Sakshi Vasisht as my role models when it comes to blogging.

I don’t dare to copy their styles of writing as a form of flattery because they are what i call Gods of Blogging. And i am just a beginner in this

One thing which i admire in both Rarasaur and Sakshi is that both are so much down to earth and take all the pains to reply to all our comments no matter how much busy they are.

I admire their simplicity while presenting any matter before novice people like us. Its always straight and direct from the heart.

Adding to all these, both these bloggers have given new definition to the conventional bloggers which you find across WordPress. For example the design of the blog is so eye catchy in Rarasaurs blog that one can hardly not be satisfied with just one look at the blog. Her blog makes you explore it more and more.

The narrative style of Sakshi is what made me click FOLLOW when i first started taking baby steps in blogging. Take any random post right from her About Page till any recent post all the posts are unique in their own way. Her choice of topics which makes even the impatient of the readers to be patient enough to complete the entire blog is what i admire a lot.

Now a days i don’t find Sakshi blogging much. I don’t know about others but i sincerely miss you Sakshi.

Please do share people whom you admire @WordPress or @Blogger. I would love to hear their stories.

Lots of love and hugs,



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