3 questions which irritate any lady.

Sometimes i just wonder whether some people really have common sense or not.

I really love interacting with lots of people and love to meet all kinds of people. What pisses me off is that sometimes when i am busy socializing in a party randomly some person pops out of the group and asks me either of the below questions.

1. Are u married?

2. What’s ur salary?

3. When are u getting married?

Dude, just because i wear a black chain round my neck doesn’t make me married. Some indian men u see over react a lot.

Secondly why the hell are u interested in my salary when you yourself are earning more than me.

Last and final, its ok to stay single without a boyfriend till i get 30. I mean it should be none of your botheration whether i wanna get married now later or where.

To all those ppl who irritate asking similar questions to girls i say “Go and get some life”

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