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Transformation from Teacher to Great Nobody

Hello Guys..

We all have ambitions in our life since class LKG when our parents take us to little parties or get togethers and the grown ups ask us “Doddavladmele enagtiya putti”
Meaning “what will you become once you are grown up”

I innocently used to say “I will become a teacher” and this sentence used to literally make everyone so happy especially my teacher parents. They dreamt of me becoming a very successful teacher someday.

Alas… I really gave them the shock when during my 12th standard results which were really big nightmare for my mom. After this she renamed me as a GREAT NOBODY whom society will never recognize and someday would get married just like any other lady and bla bla bla….

Uffff.. So my mom was pissed off totally that’s when i joined a Degree College for Bachelors Degree in Science. Ha ha ha great expectations from my mom again thinking i shall reform all my mistakes and become a lecturer now.

Thank God she now thanks the Almighty that i did not become one. That’s because i never really went to college actually due to my extra load of extra curricular activities. NCC became my new favorite and i forgot this TEACHER ambition until i was sitting next to HR of my Company interview.

I don’t know what they saw in me but they recruited me and finally i landed up in a MNC. My mom asked me what do you really want to be? And my answer was not teacher or lecturer or software engineer but was GREAT NOBODY.

Yes when she asked me the definition of Great Nobody i said a person who can express himself thru words and yet stay completely anonymous to this mad crowd of people is what i want to be. A person whose existence cannot be erased cannot be ignored but could be tried to criticize.

A great nobody who could be hated by many loved by many but can never be ignored by anyone.

I am still in the process of becoming a GREAT NOBODY. Thanks to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Plinky, YeahWrite, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc which helps me to create a presence of my own in this cyberspace.

I hope with all beautiful people like you i surely will be a great nobody who will create a niche on my own with the power of words.

Thanks a lot for giving this post a read.

Love you all,


Motorcycles and Books constitute my life!


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