Oh My Friend(s)…..

Life’s most prized possessions are small things which are often short lived.


I am thankful to God for having me given few amazing people in my life who are my sunshine. I want to dedicate this post to 4 of those friends who have been really the reason for constant heartful laughter in my workaholic life.

Before i jump into their introductions I want to share few things …

There are times in everyone of our lives where we fall weak and become vulnerable and are prone to commit something suicidal.

Things may turn upside down and life may seem like an unending tunnel of darkness.

3 things which never leave you alone in this world are

Parents, Your Friends, and Your love

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When we first come into this world without any knowledge of this bad bad outer world they are the ones who pamper us with their unconditional love. They make us feel so comfortable that until the age of 4 we are untouched by the harmful things that the society has to teach us….Later once we grow up we slowly start becoming independent and start exploring the wide wide world all by ourselves.

The Universe offers various opportunities to explore and think on our existence in this world. It shows us the various colors of life…Introduces to new things like love, friendship, crush, betrayal and everlasting bondings with people.

Out of all the things in life, its those memories which we cherish the most for the rest of our lives. Memories are like vintage papers… the more older they get the more beautiful is the feeling of touching it again and again… What are the 3 memorable moments which nobody forgets in their lifetime??

1) The love in your mothers eyes
2) The hug from a best friend when you have lost everything in your life
3) Your first love

Out of the 3 things which i have described above I would like to speak in little detail about the 2nd most memorable thing in our lives.

In this mad and selfish world its very easy to be a part of this huge rat race …. competing aimlessly with people unknown and landing in soup very often. Its very easy to get carried away by each and everything that life offers us and get ruled by our lives rather than life being ruled by us. Its easy to be a part of million people who come on this planet, forget their purpose and just hide under 6feet deep under the ground once our lifetime is over. But its difficult to be in constant touch with your own inner soul and stick along with the purpose for which you are here on this Earth. Its easy to get saddened by the daily chaos and stress but its difficult to take some time and sit beside your friend and exchange smiles over a cup of coffee. Its easy to just whatsapp someone in a group but difficult to meet someone after office hours when someone is in real need.

With this fast paced digital life you can easily get a 300+ followers over twitter and a 400+ friends over Facebook and a hundred likes on your photos @Instagram. What is really rare is the humane element which people show towards each other in real life. Its very difficult to have 2 people around you to give you the herculean strength to face this world. Its not the money, free lunches, dinners , goodies or endless rides which stands by you when you feel low. Its just a friendly hug from your friend and a warm smile which lightens up 1000 miseries in your life and dissolves your sadness in fraction of seconds.

For that you need to have an entirely different set of friends in your life. Often when we choose our friends we are so much particular about their interests and their likes and dislikes. What i really feel is ….

“Journey to something extra-ordinary in life begins when you step out of the comfort zone”

DSC_3018Start seeing life thru lens of others …. and feel the world from yet another perspective. Start seeing life from a person who is happy in himself….Enjoy the company of people who feel like a celebrity when you greet them with a celebrity name… look at the joy that people get from simple things in life…

Start feeling the feel of being with a person who feels life is nothing but a constant series of endless happy moments….

Start touching those elements of life in which a person is happily beats all depressive moments of life…

Most importantly be in touch with people who have a beautiful soul… and who are beautiful inside out…. Not just mere from appearances….

Because age beats the crap out of your beauty but wisdom and attitude grows more deeply with age…. Appearances are short termed. What stays along with you forever?

Your friends… their lessons … their support …. their love… and most importantly their constant faith in your abilities and their million dollar worth unconditional blessings showered upon you.

I dont know why I am getting so much emotional today but since many days i wanted to dedicate this post to 4 beautiful people who directly or indirectly have taught me the value of having quality friends in life….

Thanks Adarsh for teaching me the value of living minimalism in daily life.

Thanks Avinash for making me judge a villain properly in my life.

Thanks Kishore for filling in lots of memorable moments in my life and making me smile even when the whole world is fighting like mad dogs

Thanks Sharath for teaching me the value of Forgive and Forget and making me smile daily with your ShahRukh Khan style of enrty to our office…

Love you guys ….

Words are very less to describe the amount of help that you guys have extended to an idiot like me… Please forgive me if I have committed any mistakes in this article…(they were not intentional)

May God Bless You Lovely People…


4 thoughts on “Oh My Friend(s)…..

  1. ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಷ್ ಬರಕ್ಕಿಲ್ಲ.. ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲೇ ಬರೀತೀನಿ.. ರಾತ್ರಿ ೧೨:೫೦ ಆಗಿದೆ.. ಯಶೋದೆ ಸೀರಿಯಲ್ನೋಡ್ಬೇಕು ಅಂತ ಅಂದ್ಕೊಂಡು ಲ್ಯಾಪ್ಟಾಪ್ ಓಪನ್ ಮಾಡ್ದೆ. ಒಮ್ಮೆಗೆ ನೆನಪಾಯ್ತು.. ಸೀದಾ ನಿಮ್ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಓಪನ್ ಮಾಡದೌನೆ ಒದಕ್ ಶುರು ಮಾಡ್ಬಿಟ್ಟೆ. ಅದೇನ್ ಆರ್ಟಿಕಲ್ ವಾರೆ ವಾಹ್ ಅನ್ಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತು.. “Most importantly be in touch with people who have a beautiful soul… and who are beautiful inside out…. Not just mere from appearances ” ಎಂತಾ ಮಾತು ರೀ.. ಸೂಪರ್.. ಯಾಕೆ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಜನರು ಇದನ್ನ ಅರ್ತ ಮಾಡ್ಕೊಳಲ್ಲ.. ಒಂದು ಮಾತು ನೆನಪಾಗ್ತಾ ಇದೆ.. “ನಾವು ಯಾರನ್ನ ಎಷ್ಟು ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಮಾಡ್ತಿವಿ ಅಂತ ಮುಖ್ಯ ಅಲ್ಲ.. ನಮ್ಮನ್ನ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಇನ್ನೊಬ್ರು ಎಷ್ಟು ಮಾಡ್ತಾರೆ ಅನ್ನೋದೇ ಮುಖ್ಯ..” ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಈ ಮಾತು ಎಷ್ಟು ಪ್ರಸ್ತುತ ಅನ್ಸತ್ತೆ.. ನಿಜ ಒಂದು ಮಾತಂತೂ ಸತ್ಯ.. ನಮಗೆ ಯಾವುದೇ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿ/ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರು ಆಗಿರಲಿ ಅವ್ರು ನಮ್ ಜೊತೆಗಿರೊವಾಗ ಅವ್ರ ಪ್ರಾಮುಖ್ಯತೆ ಗೊತ್ತಿರಲ್ಲ. ಆದ್ರೆ ಅವ್ರ ಒಮ್ಮೆ ನಮ್ಮನ್ನ ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಹೋಗ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಣ ಅವಾಗ್ ಗೊತ್ತಾಗತ್ತೆ.. ಅದ್ಕೆ #Bahuparak ನಲ್ಲಿ ಹೇಳಿದ್ದು ಸ್ನೇಹ ಎಂಬುದು ಹೃದಯದ ಸ್ವಂತ ಕುಟೀರ ಎಲ್ಲರ ಮನಸ್ಸನ್ನು ನೊಂದಾಯಿಸುವಂತ ಶಿಬಿರ.. ಏನಂತೀರ?
    ಇಳಿ ಸಂಜೆಯಲಿ ಸೂರ್ಯ ಕೆಂಪಾದಾಗ
    ತಿಳಿಗಾಳಿಯಿಂದ ಇಳೆ ತಂಪಾದಾಗ
    ದಿನವಿಡೀ ನಿಮ್ಮಂತ ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರ ಜೊತೆಗಿದ್ದಾಗ
    ಹೃದಯ ಹಾಡುವುದು ಹೊಸರಾಗ
    – Nimma Abhimaani – Adarsha A

    1. yappa let me get a glass of Water to digest such beautiful pearls down my throat.

      Humbled to receive such good comments from a distinguished blogger like you.

      nimma abhimaani- ARK

  2. Before commenting let me apologize for reading it so late..I was off all social network buzz for a while now and when I came back checking my tweets..I reached here..
    First of all, I must mention your blogging skills has reached an all new level..The choice of words especially in sentences like
    “Its easy to be a part of million people…”
    “Most importantly be in touch with people..”
    makes it look like a fruitsalad prepared using handpicked fruits..Beautifully formed.
    Fact is beauty is in your eyes..so u see the whole world beautifully..Awesome Article!!!

    1. Heyyyyyy Sweetheart… i knew you were busy so did not push u much to read this….

      But i am so happy that finally this post reached the person whom i had mentioned in the post… Thanks again for ur constant support and help in improving my blog from ground zero to this new level.

      Beauty is not in my eyes but is in your hearts… all you people who are around me who make me see the world beautifully otherwise you know how i was before….

      I am glad that a person who has been in touch with my past behavior and now has given so beautiful comments on this short article of mine…

      Thanks again… Lots of love and hugs…

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