Slice of Cake n Flip Flops

For today’s @postaday prompt, make sure your post features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and a wise person:

What sort of a guy you want in your life asked me my friend one day eating a slice of cake in nearby bakery.

I went on with a list of haves and have nots until she said summarise it…
It was then i really got confused. Not because i did not have a list but because i really do not know what exactly i want from a guy.

Then i asked her… What’s her choice of a man in her life. Yo… She answered he must be rich enough to make her roam everywhere with his car and must treat her at good restaurants…

He must never crib over her high level parties nor should object her from purchasing expensive dresses.

He must be able to buy her a house in the hustle and bustle of Bangalore’s ever growing line of row houses and must be able to afford all her luxuries. Plus the most important of all he must take good care of her.
I got confused what is TAKING GOOD CARE mean when a guy is almost sacrificing 3/4th of his life paying for her never ending bills.
I did not argue much… I basically respect everyone’s point of view. but my friend insisted me a lot to speak…and when i was blank she said “Lets have a questionnaire round… Lemme ask u few questions you just tell me what you feel”
She went on…
What’s the first thing that you like in a guy?
I replied “Simplicity
What’s the one thing that you would like him to buy for you on a vacation?
A pair of good flip flops
What’s the one thing that you always admire in a guy?

Good sense of humour and wise and practical words from him

What’s the one thing that you expect him to do on a weekend?
A long walk down the nearby neighbourhood and he smoking a cigarette.
Hearing this she immediately qualified me under mentally retarded category and said “God please give her some brains

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