Daily Prompt # 36:Writer’s Block Party

Writer’s Block Party.

Easier said than done said my friend when i asked her to blog. She had very beautiful skills in writing poetry and also had idea on almost all the interesting topics on this planet. But whenever i asked her to write she always used to refuse and say “Easier said than done”

Over the years when i started blogging seriously here at WordPress.com i understood the pain of maintaining a regular blog writing habit. Its sometimes so difficult to write that here are some of the common reasons i give to myself

  • No topics to write something interesting
  • Who will read this article
  • Office work just has drained me
  • Work and Hobby can never co-exist etc etc

But whenever i see some talented people like Smriti, Belle Jar, Kagga Rasadhare , Karuna who spend their time religiously for Blogging i feel like I am just amongst 1000 Lazy people who are sitting there and making excuses to write.

Today in twitter i asked the same question…

What has stopped us from writing regularly??

Here are the responses.

Isn’t it so interesting to know many of us inspite of being so talented still are bound to many blocks which don’t allow us to be better writers in future.

Is there anyone else who is feeling the same here??

If so please share your opinions here….

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