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Will you help me fight, When I fight my thoughts?

Daily Prompt # 37:Flash Talk

Importance of story telling

You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

via Flash Talk.

Telling a story is perhaps the most difficult part if you do not know how to spin a yarn in less time and make it impactful. I frequently attend many seminars and sessions where i need to introduce myself to a whole new set of people whom i have never met before.

Its is then the facilitator says “Please introduce yourself in less than 1 minute”

Initially whenever the facilitator used to say this I used to panic and say My Name, hobbies and set of standard sentences about myself and run away back to my seat. This used to be a common scene during my school days. As i grew up i understood the importance of introducing myself infront of an audience. I still remember an incident which took place when I was in my college days. I had to introduce myself before a whole bunch of intellectual audience and as soon as i was done with this Standard Template of introducing myself a guy amongst the audience grumbled “I wish someone taught her how to introduce herself in an innovative way”

Well at that moment i felt it was too rude for him to say. But now after I have been to so many public gatherings i do agree with the statement he made on me that day. So here I go with a short story narrated by one of my friends over a theatre club gathering.

The boy walked slowly towards the dais and smiled at us. He then started

“There was one guy in 2009 writing public exam in an small town of Karnataka. He was nervous and was constantly sweating. The invigilator gave a sly smile on her face and was busy watching who is the next target for her smile. The guy kept on seeing his watch and started writing even more fast and then as soon as he walked out of the exam hall he was accompanied by some of his close relatives. He was then taken to his home where he saw his mother sitting on the cold ground and crying with the vermillion on her face all smudged. The boy could not understand what was happening for a while but just then he was shocked to see his father lying on the ground with body all wrapped in white cloth. He soon understood the entire situation and as soon as the funeral got over he went to his home and sat beside his mother. He did not know what to do, so he just ducked his head in his mothers lap and started crying like a small baby. It was then his mother spoke 2 words “Eddelu Hari” (meaning Get up Hari) The boy got up and followed his mother. She took him infront of a mirror and said “You should fulfill your dad’s dream. He always wanted you to be an Engineer”

Its been long time since he has come far far away from that small town and had finally settled in a serene locality in Bangalore. He now works as a Project Engineer in a reputed MNC. As he was getting dressed infront of the mirror in his home today he saw the same guy who had completed the public exam in a hurry and had attended his dad’s funeral. I then realised the boy was none other than me myself. I see my mother standing back of me with a pride in her eyes that her son had finally fulfilled the dreams of her husband”

He just said that and walked out of the dais. But his introduction left a permanent impact on me. It taught me how to fight back sudden catastrophes in our lives… It made me have faith in ones own self and working hard to make them come true.

It really conveyed everything about that guy in less than 4 minutes but had left a permanent impact on me. It made me see each person, who has a story to tell and how he has become what he is “NOW” because of those circumstances.