Daily Prompt # 41:My Long Lost Brother !!!!

Doppelgänger Alert.

 You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?

soul is reflection

This had occurred to me last year when I had to go and visit one of my cousins. We had separated from each other years before we could ever recognize each other. We hardly remembered how we both looked like. We knew we had one thing in common i.e. Unlimited Loneliness because our parents often used to discuss over phones how retarded we were during social gatherings.

I so so wanted to meet him and finally when the day his mother took me to his room I was in awe. His room was an exact replica to mine. I then remembered that its nothing but a Doppelganger effect. Even though we never saw each other, we never spoke to each other  we had so many interests similar. But he was more #intelligent than me. He arrived a little late that evening and as I went along with him to his room, I sensed a strange connection between we both. While he was showing his room to me, he guided me to a black trunk and was about to say what was in it. I accidentally blurted out “Hey you read books?” And from his thick framed glasses I could see the same twinkle which I have whenever I meet a Bibilophile.

Our eyes met one another from our glasses and I could exactly figure it out why he was like that. I must say the way we both maintain our rooms are exact the same and the places where we hide our diaries are also same. Infact, i was shocked when he said he chooses the same hue of light when it comes to reading books before retiring to bed. My brother… I really wanted to hug him and thank him for cruising me through a reflection of my own but the distance created by our family members were very afar. It literally had built an invisible Berlin Wall between both of us.

I hope someday we both will meet again and have a nice time over a cup of coffee and pile of books.

book lovers

Please feel free to share such similar experiences in your life…

Lots of love and hugs,


Tips to become a better writer.

Hello Friends !!

Its been around 2 years that I have started blogging here at and the entire journey has been really really exciting.

To be frank I started blogging in the year 2009 Just for fun. I had no serious intentions of becoming a better blogger. All i wanted was that “I am also a blogger” title amongst my geek friends. Now i know how naive i was back then. Is it not so childish, that you flaunt your stupid sprouting talents infront of non blogging school kids that you know Blogging 101. By any chance if someone had visited my blog they would literally go back to Google and find out what is blogging. I was such a pathetic writer back then.

When imade a grand come-back in 2012 things were definitely not the same. I was lost in the huge blogging world when i just clicked The Daily Prompts, The Weekly Writing Challenges and the entries which were posted in the site totally gave me a breakthrough to set a blogging goal in my life. Its then i decided I want to be a blogger better than what i was yesterday.

Each month I started writing few posts until one day my old friend complimented on my article saying my English is definitely not the same used in my previous blog posts. He further added, that my blogging style had certainly improved a lot and it was much much better than what it was before. By hearing these words I learnt one thing…


Any skill, be it carpenting, driving, writing, reading, cooking, coding…. all takes regular hardwork.

Daily i make it a habit to open and go through blogs which i follow regularly. I go through their posts and learn few things daily. I also make it a point to go through one new blog daily. After seeing hundreds of blogs daily, I can now rate how badly i suck at writing. But i am trying my level best to become better writer each day. Today as i was surfing series of blogs I came across this blog named as “Just Writing

Here are some authentic stuffs written by her about cultivating the art of Writing. Want to become a better Writer? Then click here


I hope you liked it.

Please feel free to share your views on blogging regularly.

Lots of love and hugs,



Sexy Poetry!

Sexy Poetry

Daily Prompt # 40:Being #Immortal !!

Finite Creatures.

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

In today’s blog i want to describe how I came to know how much mortal is my life when compared to some beautiful souls who have lived a life which is worth being called as #Immortal. People get uplifted from Mortals to Immortals when they rise above the rest of the crowd. Be it their Music, or their books or their speeches or their actions which made them immortal. It was during one of those long walks that i keep taking, when I am all alone that I realized the meaning of one of the famous quotes by Bruce Lee.

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”

And as this quote flashed in my memory i was immersed into deep sense of regret. I witnessed a strange sensation of “being an under-dog throughout the school of life”. I quickly asked myself “Is my life worth remembering?”

And must say my mind quickly popped up with a beautiful answer “Your class mate of Grade 1 herself failed to recognize you and here you are sitting all alone with immense hope thinking whether your life will be worth remembering or not”

Its then I started realizing all the flaws in mine.

I started interacting with all sorts of people. Each person after i got in touch with him/her listed out certain flaws in mine. Initially accepting those flaws were a big difficulty for me. But eventually i have learnt how to have  all your sensory organs active while receiving CRITICISM in life.

The reason why i adopted this method in my life was this quote


So in order to be immortal and divine one must at least try to cleanse his 100% flawed soul. Because…

18660-your-soul-is-a-beautiful-gift-to-the-worldAnd in order to have a beautiful soul and remain immortal you need to know what you are deep down your skin. What is it that makes you so vulnerable and what is it that makes you so strong. When this awareness comes into us, we all become immortals. A beautiful soul is very much essential in order to remain immortal. And in this quest of becoming an immortal I try to fulfill at-least one quality described by Elizabeth Kubler Ross.


The day i become #BeautifulSoul would be the day i will be called as #Immortal. Till then i am just a tiny speck when compared to the vast sky studded with Moon and millions of shining stars whose existence is very much immortal compared to mine.

What is being immortal according to you??

Would love to hear your views on the same…

Lots of love and hugs,