Daily Prompt # 39:Fourth Wall

Fourth Wall.

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

If there was one movie where i would love to get lost forever then that would be Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton. I somehow love the entire concept of trusting your gut feeling and conquering the unknown. Throughout the course of the story of Alice, since the moment she chases a rabbit and falls inside the Rabbit Hole till she comes out of it, the entire journey is worth living. She meets hundreds of characters in the adventurous journey and if you happen to read the book “Through the looking glass” by the famous English Author Lewis Caroll, you will come to know the interesting conversations that Alice has with various animals. Each one speaking in a pretty much puzzled way and giving her loads of lessons all throughout the journey.

Alice in wonderland however seems pretty childish for few people today. But it is one such classic which has managed to captivate my mind forever. This is mainly because for me, Alice in Wonderland is not just a mere fairy tale. Its much more than that. Its a philosophical story of a young girl who falls down the rabbit hole only to come out of it as a matured female.

I would love to live in such a wierd world where each and every person is unique and strange in his/her own way. There is so much good and lots of evil inside that world yet Alice manages to take the good from the world and manages to discard the evil. Her friends however lunatic they may seem are all so wonderful. Isn’t it nice to be in an unconventional world where you are not bound with any norms. You can befriend anyone and learn something or the other from each one of them.

Here is one such quote which i like in the entire story not because its quite a much like a puzzle but it always helps me to get a clear cut thought about which road should i opt when i am indecisive.

alice in wonderland

Yet another scene which i love in the movie where Alice is assured by her father that “All the best people are mad”. So its okay to be mad….

Here is another scene which taught me to believe in the impossible. To believe in six impossible things before breakfast and the way Alice manages to slay the mighty Jabberwocky. Although it may seem like a fantasy but has given me lots of motivation in facing many a problems in my life.

Yet another scene where Alice is getting forcefully engaged to Hamish. Alice indeed very boldly handles the situation by refraining herself from getting carried away by the wish of her mother and relatives and choosing what she wants to actually pursue in her life.

The scene where Hamish proposes Alice

The scene where Alice chooses to pursue the Rabbit instead of saying Yes to Hamish

And the rest is perfectly summarised by Avril Lavingne’s official video on this movie

Sometimes it is good to be mad, weird and indecisive in order to get clarity on certain things in life. Its okay whether you get branded as an idiot stupid or a bitch in the entire process. All that matters is whether you are deciding from your mind and ending up in soup or choosing something from your heart and pursuing your goal with all your might to become successful in life.

keep calm


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