Daily Prompt # 40:Being #Immortal !!

Finite Creatures.

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

In today’s blog i want to describe how I came to know how much mortal is my life when compared to some beautiful souls who have lived a life which is worth being called as #Immortal. People get uplifted from Mortals to Immortals when they rise above the rest of the crowd. Be it their Music, or their books or their speeches or their actions which made them immortal. It was during one of those long walks that i keep taking, when I am all alone that I realized the meaning of one of the famous quotes by Bruce Lee.

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”

And as this quote flashed in my memory i was immersed into deep sense of regret. I witnessed a strange sensation of “being an under-dog throughout the school of life”. I quickly asked myself “Is my life worth remembering?”

And must say my mind quickly popped up with a beautiful answer “Your class mate of Grade 1 herself failed to recognize you and here you are sitting all alone with immense hope thinking whether your life will be worth remembering or not”

Its then I started realizing all the flaws in mine.

I started interacting with all sorts of people. Each person after i got in touch with him/her listed out certain flaws in mine. Initially accepting those flaws were a big difficulty for me. But eventually i have learnt how to have  all your sensory organs active while receiving CRITICISM in life.

The reason why i adopted this method in my life was this quote


So in order to be immortal and divine one must at least try to cleanse his 100% flawed soul. Because…

18660-your-soul-is-a-beautiful-gift-to-the-worldAnd in order to have a beautiful soul and remain immortal you need to know what you are deep down your skin. What is it that makes you so vulnerable and what is it that makes you so strong. When this awareness comes into us, we all become immortals. A beautiful soul is very much essential in order to remain immortal. And in this quest of becoming an immortal I try to fulfill at-least one quality described by Elizabeth Kubler Ross.


The day i become #BeautifulSoul would be the day i will be called as #Immortal. Till then i am just a tiny speck when compared to the vast sky studded with Moon and millions of shining stars whose existence is very much immortal compared to mine.

What is being immortal according to you??

Would love to hear your views on the same…

Lots of love and hugs,



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 40:Being #Immortal !!

  1. Very well written!!
    Infact, it’s a golden quality to be able to accept one’s flaws with an open mind and to embrace criticism in a manner that would let you bring out the best you. Not everyone would have the urge to be aware of thier flaws. leave alone being aware, most people hesitate to even listen to criticism.

    This quality in itself transforms you into a beautiful personality. All the beautiful people (or immortal souls as u call them) we see around us would have been destined to face hardships and failures in life. And that’s what makes them what they are. The beautiful souls. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words Hamsa!!!

      I agree with your view on accepting one’s flaws and how difficult it is to listen to critics.

      It takes lots of patience to hear some negative criticisms in life. You know you are not wrong still you are being accused. It takes only hearts of steel to bear such hurtful events in life. But they make us more tolerant and helps us grow as a person leaving the retarded critics the same place where they belong to.

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