Day 1 – Photography101 – HOME

Moon, Stars and You !!!!

Kadalepuri Writes

Hello Amigos…

Today’s topic for photography 101 challenge is “Home”, When I hear this one word many things revolves around my mind and out of which I selected one picture for this particular blog which has an abstract meaning of what Home reminds me of.

This picture is the view from my balcony and with this very view I’ve spent 2 decades of my life and this one view would be a perfect one to remind me of home and of course not to forget the numerous time I have spent just gazing at the bright sun… the clouds… the moon and countless stars.. Just like how these individual elements brings nostalgic memories. It has been a routine for me to gaze at the empty sky from this view everyday for about 10 to 15 minutes thinking nothing but some good memories.

The Balcony view from my “Home”


Thanks for…

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