Self-Dating @CCD

Good Tidings.

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Time is sharp 5:00pm and i am rushing to the nearby Cafe Coffee Day to meet a younger reflection of my own.

The Bangalorean Traffic just makes life more difficult sometimes. I breathe in and breathe out in order to calm down my nerves and finally manage to get inside the CCD on time. I can easily recognize the younger version of me all engrossed in the survey of nearby surroundings of the cafe.

I quickly say “Hi” and then sit opposite to my younger version. I order 2 Latte’s as this is one such flavor that has never altered since my teenage. I slowly open my sling bag and take out 2 neatly sealed envelopes which are of Red and Black color.

As the latte arrives at our tables, i sip the hot frothy beverage and quickly signal my eyes to open those 2 envelopes to the younger version of mine.

The Black Envelope :

It read “Before 10 Years”

It had a single paper which had the following sentences in it

Dear Gloomy Past,

You are about to experience the worst phase of your life now. You will face 2 biggest failures of your life and will be shattered to a million pieces. There will not be anyone to show some sympathy on you and you shall be left on the cold sea shore alone to die in pain. But, all you should ever remember is “Bad things are just fragmented moments of timely lessons in our lives. They come, teach us lessons and then gift us good moments and leave. This moment also shall pass. So keep your hopes alive and be positive no matter what”

Not yours forever,

Bright Future!!

The Red Envelope:


It just had one single line in it.

Dear Bright Future,


Best Wishes,

The Beautiful PRESENT

I finished my latte and left with a smile leaving the poor gloomy past brooding over the things written in the paper.

As i came outside, i sensed a strange feeling of having left the PAST BROOD ON ITS PAST and me having moved on to a brighter future than i ever thought of.

How was your encounter with the 10 years past YOU and the current day YOU??

Would love to read your experiences here.

Thanks for reading this post.

Lots of love and hugs,



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