Daily Prompt # 44:Dear Husband!!

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?

via Golden Key.

Here I go with a fictional letter from a wife to her husband. Due to some reasons Carla feels her marriage has lost all its lustre and is now nothing but a boredom affair. Its one morning before Shaun heads for office, Carla awaits for him to acknowledge her love but faces with severe disappointment from her husband. So out of frustratio, she jots down this poem to him and mails him back.

Dear Husband,

Its been ages that we have been with each other and yet i once again ask you the same question… “How are you?”
I know you are going to see me like a stranger and reply “I am fine” and i accept it as a gesture of our so called “perfect” relationship.

But once you leave the house, I still wonder whether I fell for the right person or not.
Your smiles are a mystery within them… because they pop up forcefully not from your heart…

Your talks seem so plain for me these days
Because they are mostly on the football games or the marathon TV shows

Its almost you have forgotten how beautiful were we both together
And as I write these lines I want to dissect our relationship with the golden key made of understanding and patience….

This key almost leads to the tight locker where we have stuffed all those good moments of our lives…
And have almost forgotten the very existence of the locker and its contents.

It was almost treated like the forbidden fruit until today…
When you walked away without even kissing me, I felt its time to open the unaccessible locker

Its in the attic… the place where we made love last time
But now, i dirty my hands to pick the heavy box of our beautiful “Once upon a time” relationship

I cough, and dust off the brown layer of dirt on the locker ….
All i see first is the bunch of letters we exchanged during all those years of our courtship…

I took the first one in my hand and it read
“Carla… No matter whether our marriage works or not.. always remember you will always be my first and last love… Forever…”

2 rivulets emerged out of my brown eyes
And i realized how much of a big crime i had committed…
By not reading you all these years…

All i can now do is wait for you indefinitely near the attic
Until you come to our home sweet home, built with bricks of love and care…

Baby, come back from your office soon!!!
Because “Shaun, no matter how angry I am on you… I will always be there to prepare the hot mug of coffee and give you a warm hug when you come back to home… just like I have been doing all these years”



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