Daily Prompt # 66:Analysis of Consequences

Cause, Meet Effect. You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why? One of the most common problems, that I usually face is in handling my own anger. I am very very thankful to my Yoga Practice and my friends who help me to calm down each day, each hour. But recently as I was reading the Millennium series book #1, I remember when Holger Palmgren, first guradian of Lisbeth Salander advises her to think of consequences before picking up a fight with anyone in society. In the story, the girl Salander is an intelligent,genius computer hacker, chain smoker and an anti social personality. On observing her behavior, Plamgren advises her the importance of not reacting to any situation violently. Instead, he emphasizes on how to keep calm and think of consequences before venting out. In this way, he manages to teach Lisbeth, how to manage darkest of the situations in her life. After finishing the first series, I pondered over those words again. And yesterday, one of my friends asked me to shut myself from outer world and reboot myself for atleast 15 min a day. He advised me to just keep my mouth shut and stay quiet and think nothing for 15 min. I went back to my home and before retiring to bed, I was re-thinking the lines told by my friend over and over again until i drifted off to sleep. But today as I woke up, to my surprise I was once again thinking of the same advice again. I then remembered the most famous quote by Confucius. “When anger rises, think of the consequences” quote-Confucius-when-anger-rises-think-of-the-consequences-41294_1   So as I was rebooting myself early in the morning, I was becoming conscious of my own self and I realized few moments where I fucked up very badly with my anger. Thanks to my friend and the book for making me realize such a simple fact which almost has ruined many things in my life. When things go off the track, you need that one person who can bring you back to the same track by offering you some genuine advice.


Daily Prompt # 65:A time to mend a broken heart…

quotes on love

Another Trio.

Write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.

This story is purely fictional

Tina sat beside the window sill looking at a distance and was lost in thoughts. It was midnight 12:00 AM and she was sitting all alone with a cracked heart. She could not think of any other song than “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston.

She thought to herself how strange is that, sometimes the lyrics of the songs which you hear exactly reciprocates to those million feelings which you experience in your heart.

She then walked towards the bookcase and took out a big binder. It was filled with hundreds of things which reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. Emails, Greeting Cards, Photographs and hundreds of loose sheets filled with poems and odes in the celebration of those good old days. In a week or so she was about to get married with Rohan. And she felt, it is time to burn this biggest mistake of her life forever.

She took the chronologically arranged stack of sheets in her hand. She plugged her iPod into her ears and let the same song by Whitney Houston play again….

The song went by….

If I should stay
I would only be in your way
So I’ll go but I know
I’ll think of you every step of the way

She brought the steel dustbin from the corner of her room and set the first 10 letters which they had written for each other. She thought to herself how easy it must have been for him to say I should move out of his way. Bastard.

And I… will always love you, ooh
Will always love you
My darling, you…

Love?? She questioned herself. One fucking word which has literally broke her heart a million times relentlessly. She took out the pressed rose which she had gifted to him on his birthday. The flower had a tag “For a person who brought a sweet fragrance to my odorless life”. There came a crooked smile on her face and off she tore the tag and the flower into the burning flame.

Bittersweet memories –
That is all I’m taking with me.
So good-bye.
Please don’t cry:
We both know I’m not what you, you need

Cry? Bastard. Swine. You don’t even deserve the last droplet from the dried up reservoir of tears from my heart. All you ever deserve is a lesson … maybe you should host a  seminar on “101 ways to break someone’s heart” She took out the red envelope which had his first greeting card to her on Valentines Day.

And I… will always love you
I… will always love you
You, ooh

She cursed him again “Fucking asshole… drowned me in the ocean of emotions and now left me with pile of haunting memories… Just die” and threw 20 more sheets into the flame. The flames were getting more and more intense when she went to kitchen and brought some Kerosene and poured it on the teddy bear he had gifted just before they broke up.

I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of
And I wish you joy and happiness
But above all this I wish you love

She then put the entire binder into the dustbin and sat on the sofa. She pulled the earphones for once and deleted the song from her playlist. She then took her diary from the book case and wrote

“Off its gone away permanently from the bookcase of my life….

Gone are the haunting memories of a fucking asshole who kept pestering me day and night…

Its time to let go of all the things now and start a new life…..

Its time to mend this broken heart with a new song…

A song of hope… a song of faith and a song of determination to lead a positive life…

Forgiving the unforgivable is difficult but I got to do that for myself and my peace of mind….

I don’t wanna go back and dig those dead graves back….Because I can see the sun rising from the horizon in a matter of few hours….

Its time to gulp down some sleeping pills and to enter into a tranquil world …. away from the constant humming of some distorted tunes ….

Its time to get up and move on…. “

She closed the diary and popped up some pills and in few minutes drifted into a world of tranquility.

“God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces – Anonymous”

Daily Prompt # 64:100 Books and 200 Blog Entries !!!????

In Due Time.

What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?

The most pressing deadline for 2015 would be 

  1. Writing 200 new Blog Posts.
  2. Reading 100 New books.
  3. Pushing myself every time I lag behind my schedule.

Yes, of course I am excited and the first thing I will do once I am done with these goals would be to eat 1 huge bowl of Chocolate Ice-cream.

Daily Prompt # 63:Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!!!

Tell us about the object of your dejection — something you made, a masterpiece unfinished, or some sort of project that failed to meet your expectations. What did you learn from the experience? How would you do things differently next time?

They say “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

The reason why I remembered about this quote was today’s daily prompt. I had a beautiful goal of blogging daily on all the topics presented by the 365 Daily Prompts book offered by WordPress.com for this year. But due to my laziness and never ending excuses I could hardly ever complete the first 10 pages of that e-book.

Its then I realized how much of a pathetic blogger I was.  It was one project where I failed to meet my own expectations. The second project was “Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge”

I had set 12 books as a goal for this 2014 Reading Challenge. And throughout the entire year, this Laziness and excuse took repeated toll on my mind resulting in me completing only 8 out of 12 books. This is yet another embarrassing thing for me.

That is the reason, whenever someone introduces me to their friends saying “She is an avid blogger and a voracious reader” I die a million times. I die out of shame and self guilt that I am such a pathetic reader + blogger.

So What did I learn from this experience?

  • A goal without a plan is just a wish.
  • Always have back up plans because you never know when things turn into ugly and you are unprepared for your failure.
  • No matter how hard it may seem, just stick onto your plan and never stop pushing yourself towards the plan.

Having learnt the above few things, I then started taking both my hobbies too seriously.

  • No matter how sleepy I am,  or how tired I feel, I open the laptop and start blogging.
  • I read atleast one page before I close my eyes before I drift into a world of dreams.


I was feeling happy because something is better than sitting there and aimlessly feeling bad about my failure to plan things. Ofcourse, I cannot complete 300 blogs in less than 5 days before the 2014 ends. I cannot read 5 books more to complete my Reading Challenge. But I will be happy that atleast I did not fail to accept defeat and brood over my failure to plan things well.


Its never too late to become what you might have been.


Daily Prompt # 62:You mean a lot to me!!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Language of Things.”

You have to write a message to someone dear to you, telling that person how much he/she means to you. However — instead of words, you can only use 5-10 objects to convey your emotions. Which objects do you choose, and what do they mean?

Message I want to convey:

You are the creator of your destiny. Gear yourself with the gifts that you hold in your hand for a bright future.


Here are the 5 Objects/Things that I will use to convey my emotions

A set of Vintage Diaries: To jot down all the amazing experiences that life offers to you. Also to chalk out all your goals in life.


Set of Ink Pens: Pen is always mightier than the sword. So here I give you an arsenal of weapons for mass creation.


A sand clock: You are here on this Earth only for a limited time. So, stop whiling your time and start working hard. You never know, when you have to leave this world. 


A bag full of letters and sheets full of poems and articles dedicated to that person : Words are like drugs. They are so addictive and so nourishing and help you stay highly positive all the time. Emotions are best expressed when you paint them in words.

Vintage Letters hinh-nen-de-thuong-tinh-yeu-113-9

Set of self help books: “Nothing lasts forever.” So is the case with Motivation as well. So stay motivated every day with these books.


What 5 objects do you use to convey your emotions?


Daily Prompt # 61:Darling, you got to be your own hero!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes.”

We all have our semi-secret, less-known personal favorites — a great B-side, an early work by an artist that later became famous, an obscure (but delicious) family recipe. Share one of your unsung heroes with us — how did you discover it? Why has it stayed off everyone’s radar?

Since childhood, we all grew up listening to the heroic stories from Mahabharata, Ramayan, Fairy tales and various other folk tales.

What is the importance of story telling? 

Why heroic stories were told to us over and over again until they got imprinted in our memories forever?

  • Stories are the easiest and best ways to teach us human values.
  • Heroic stories inspire us.
  • They teach us to how to face worst situations in our lives.
  • They help us not to panic and face the deepest fears of our lives with courage and determination.

I believe there exists a HERO in each one of us. But sadly, most of us do not believe in our own selves. You often hear people admiring heroism exhibited by characters in a movie. What they often forget is “There exists a superhero in each one of us”

All it takes is just one question to awaken the superhero inside us.

“What would you do if you were not afraid of this?”

When the fear gets expelled out of us, we get the courage to face any situation. We walk the extra mile to achieve what we want. We seldom get demoralized with failures that we encounter during the journey. That is when we start trusting the super hero factor inside us more.

So the if someone asks me who would be that unsung hero  in my life.

My answer would be


Because I am the superhero of my life.


Who is the unsung hero of your life?

Daily Prompt #60 :Be yourself and save more time !!!!

be yourself quotes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.

What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?

During the initial days of my blogging, I used to surf through numerous blogs here and few of the blogs had listed this word “Bucket- List” in their About Pages. I used to wonder what is this bucket list all about (Blame my minimal English Gyan). I then got to know that is is nothing but a to-do list comprising of all the accomplishments that you would like to achieve in your lifetime.

As my friend keeps saying #YOLO (You Only Live Once) , I started my to-do list and thanks to Mr.Robin Sharma for further highlighting the importance of setting written goals in life. For more info click here 

Coming back to today’s topic I am supposed to write down an “Anti Bucket List” which contains all the things I would never ever attempt to do in my life.

Surprisingly I have only one thing in this list..

I will never try to be someone else in my life. Because I am what I am.

  • Doesn’t matter whether people accept me or reject me.
  • I don’t give a damn to how much people really care about my advice.
  • I don’t even care for what others judge when they see me.
  • Because staying ME, saves hell lot of time in life.

Since I stay single, I am always on a constant rush to manage everything single handedly.

  • I cannot afford to sit infront of mirror and brush my hair to look little more pretty.
  • I don’t have the patience to go to salons and spend on lavish pedicure, manicure treatments because it seems less important to me when I see my role models.
  • Its hard to be like someone else.
  • You need to walk like them to be more cool.
  • You need to copy their routine, to be them.
  • You need to dress like them so that people will categorize you in their category.
  • You need to talk like them, even if deep down your heart …. you hate those words

Just imagine, how hard it is to completely change yourself just to be someone else. Phew… 

Being Original, is always a good thing in life. People value you for who you are. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Lots of hugs and love,


Daily Prompt # 59:I don’t give a fuck…..

alphabet soup

Alphabet Soup.

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

A – Apple

B- Basketball

C- Cricket

D- Dumbbells

E- Elephant

F- Fork

G- Golf

H- Happy

I- India

J- Jack

K- King

L- Liquor

M- Monkey

N- Nose

O- Oprah

P- Peak

Q- Queen

R- Rest

S- Ship

T- Trumpet

U- Uniform

V- Vogue

W- Weak

X- X’mas


Z- Zebra

Ok I am done listing all the letters ABC and have associated one word for each of them.

Now is the time to cook some Alphabet soup with the given words. I am proudly saying this that I am the only one in the entire WordPress.com to have attempted at this Word Prompt. Here you can see zero responses to the Word Prompt.

Words marked in Blue are the words used in the above ABC listing.



One of my friends, a big believer in #YOLO once gave me a challenge to stay in “I don’t give a fuck bitch” mode for 10 hours !!!

Yeah somewhat like this… not to give a fuck to anyone. I woke up in the morning and was not happy because I had tons of work on the peak. So I went out and saw a guy smoking like a King with Cigarette in one hand and yelling to someone on the phone “Ye man I dont give a fuck to anyone”. Its then I realized okay… I need to do this task for 10 hours straight.

In India… this word “FUCK” is still sort of a taboo and whenever i blurt it out people see me as if I am an extra terrestrial. I quickly got ready to office with a beautiful romantic number Trumpets playing in the background.

I opened a copy of Vogue when I was travelling to my office and read a beautiful article about Tourism sector in Africa and how some extremely wealthy people do prefer to visit the wildlife than spend their days getting marooned on a lonely island. I also read about how this tourism has literally helped people gain so much support for the zoo conservationists in preserving some of the exotic species of Elephants, Monkeys and Zebras etc. I then quickly flipped pages of Vogue to find some more interesting articles on the art of making finest quality of Liquor and the different ways they need to be processed before they are shipped to different nations.

After the heavy weekend, I was feeling weak and needed some rest. I stared at my computer screen and felt “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So in the evening instead of slogging at work I preferred to watch some really good videos on Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers. I must say Youtube is one such place where you can get yourself engrossed in one video after another. I saw some inspirational videos of famous players from different sports like Basketball, Cricket, Golfers etc.

In between all this, there was uniform disturbance by some idiots in my life. But I had resolved firmly that I am not giving a fuck to anybody and enjoy my life to the fullest. I resolved firmly that I will work work and work and not give a fuck to what someone else says about me or what are they thinking about me.

Trust me this Million Dollar advice which was supposed to be for 10 hours extended the entire day and I was able to overcome most of my emotional breakdowns.

I calmly finished off all my work assigned for the day and whenever I felt like I was failing I remembered Oprah‘s words

Think like a queen. A queen is never afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.

I have always believed Reading is to brains what dumbbells are for biceps. So each day as usual I keep surfing the internet for quotes and funny pictures which helps me to stay positive all the time.

I found another couple of things which further made me stick to the amazing 10 hour challenge of “I don’t give a fuck to anything”

There was this quote

When you come across a fork in the road, take it – Yogi Berra

And another was on NOSE


I literally took a neat print out of the same and stuck it to my cubicle which really drove all the red bulls away from my cubicle for an entire week.

I returned from work and was so relaxed that I thanked my friend for being so generous in offering me such a priceless advice. I wish if all of us, just did our work and dont give a fuck to anything in this world, what heights would we all achieve?????

For now, this entire month of X’mas I am continuing this policy. I hope my 2015 will be even more brighter than this 2014. All thanks to my buddy who gave this fucking beautiful advice at the right point of time in my life.

Phew!!! Done with cooking this incredible disastrous Alphabet Soup. It’s ready to be served now for all you guys. Kindly forgive me if the recipe has gone wrong anywhere and you are feeling like puking (by the way you are free to puke all your emotions on this pathetic post)

Thanks a lot for stopping by!!

I really really appreciate your patience to read this soup post.

Lots of love and hugs,


Daily Prompt # 58:The truth is everybody lies.

everybody lies

Sweet Little Lies.

As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

When it first comes to this word “LIE” we all remember this guy


He is the symbol of untruthfulness states WIKIPEDIA 🙂

Coming back to the topic, I first heard this word “Sweet Little Lies” from my English Professor during my graduation. She once gave a lecture on how much it is okay to lie? Most of us lie. We lie for hell lot of reasons. So what are the different types of lies we commonly encounter in our lives??

I Googled and to my surprise I found there are 30 different types of lies and they are all legitimate flavors of lies we see in our day to day lives. Phew !!!!











Phew!! So many types of lies.. Wait let me find out which types are included under “exceptions” in my list.

I would generally be okay if I encounter lies which are told for good cause. Say, you don’t want to hurt someone by telling them the harsh truth, yet you don’t even want to hide everything from them, in this case I would prefer to blurt out only Half- Truth (which is once again nothing short of a lie according to Wikipedia)

Also, sometimes it is better to never reveal certain true facts to others. Because you are sure that the after effects can be devastating. In this case , I prefer to tell some emergency lies (cooked up on the spot, fresh and steamy) which is also a lie according to Wikipedia.

In short, if a lie can save someone from being hurt, or can contribute to the overall good cause then I feel its better to lie rather than being a truthful bum.

What are your views on Lies ??

Please do share.

Lots of love and hugs,


Daily Prompt # 57:The angel in the marble

Art just has to mean something.

Cristian Mihai

angel“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

Don’t you love it when your mind imprisons a certain image? You have a certain vision, you know exactly where you want to go and what you have to do. An image that has to be set free.

This is one of the most crucial aspects of good art: vision. And heart. I’m not sure you can have one without the other.

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