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Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling.

When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up being the right call?
(Thanks for suggesting this prompt, Sia Positive!)

Gut feeling… I heard this word for the very first time when I saw the book cover by Jack Welch “Straight from the gut”. I Googled this word and I got to know how much gut feeling played an inevitable role in my own life.

Gut feelings or the intuitions always play a major role before you jump into any decision in your life.

Many a times, we come across situations where, without any reason we feel that the decision induced by other people in our lives are just not right. We keep feeling the tug inside our heart that “This is just not right. Please do not agree with what others are saying”. Most of the times, people who get easily carried away by thoughts framed by others and later keep repenting on the same thing for decades together. They keep feeling the same till they are buried 6ft deep underground.

Hence in today’s article i want to highlight the importance of trusting your gut feelings. Just before I started writing this article I googled the origin of gut feelings for humans. And very interestingly, I found that Gut feelings originate from the subconscious level. We humans can manipulate ourselves. We can lie to ourselves but our subconscious???

It never lies. It is never wrong. It is always right.

Never let the background noise of your life to interfere in the vital decisions that you take in your life.


Sometimes people say Women overthink too much and act like paranoids. But sometimes as the very famous quote goes “Women instincts never fail”. Yes, it is a widely accepted truth and trust me sometimes even before someone starts playing a game they find it out. So, to all the women out there, if ever you feel that it is worth pursuing something in your life… please please please just don’t give up. Chase your dreams for one day you will thank your gut feelings which made you to go behind them relentlessly.


Many people demand for explanations whenever they hear their inner voice speaking. Like the best example is of a girl who thinks Mr.A is good for her. But her instincts say he is perhaps the biggest mistake, that she will be encountering in her life. She starts a war between her mind and her intuition which leads to a very logical state where the gut feeling is questioned and asked for a proof, to validate that Mr.A is not good for her. She forgets that the inner voice doesn’t provide proofs nor does it require some justifications from you. She fights a long war and finally discards the gut feeling and finally ends up in soup. When she is in soup, she will be the first one to repent. She will definitely say to herself as to why she did not trust her instincts. So the next time, you confront yourself in a war between your gut feelings and your logical brain, please think twice before you discard your gut feelings.

Quieten your mind and trust your intuition over fear. You will grow in your life.

Thanks for reading this post.

Lots of hugs and love,


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