Daily Prompt # 56:The clock is ticking!!!!

Ready, Set, Done!.

As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time. Then, publish what you have (it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over).

When I first read this “free-write” in 10 minutes all I could ever remember was

“The clock is ticking …” lines which the Rabbit says to Alice in the famous Novel By Lewis Carol Alice in Wonderland.

Time is such a precious and such a limited thing in our lives. Yet we are so generous to waste it the way we want. I have read numerous articles on time management, but it is one such thing that has been so difficult to practice in my real life.

Each day, I wake up and plan certain things for my day and before i retire to bed, all i can see is “my half completed to-do list”. I then realize how much I lack this thing called as “self discipline”.

Being a big time fan of SRK, I sometimes admire this man for always being so great in handling multiple things at a time. I also sometimes wonder how this man has all his schedules maintained properly and how his life runs almost like a clock. Never stopping, Never failing to tick tick tick…

Yet another true testimony of effective Time Management is Mr.Amitabh Bacchan. Today even while writing this post I am feeling quite pathetic about myself. Not because I am unable to write…It is because I have wasted so many hours giving myself an excuse saying “No time to write , No time to blog, No time to self-introspect” …

Excuses …. Excuses… Excuses.. When will I ever come up with a proper plan for my own life? Maybe today or tomorrow or maybe right now… Or even worse never…

Its all up to me. Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Newton, SRK, Amitabh Bacchan are also humans just like us. They never had 30 hours in their days, still they managed to achieve so much. So i am nothing special to blame on “No time for this/that”

All i need to do is to get stronger than the stronger excuse to stop this procrastination drama

I still have 1 minute left to write…

But I am choosing not to.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my 10 min free-write.

Suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Lots of love and hugs,


26 seconds left yeah i did it finally!!!!!!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 56:The clock is ticking!!!!

  1. The big names you mentioned, they have reached there over long years of hardwork. They are actors, and if u want to compare see how much hours of hard work u put in to your profession. Comparing yourself with them i feel is unfair.
    My thoughts. Great idea though.

    1. Comparing yourself is unfair i agree. But i often compare so that I feel motivated to work more harder than ever.

      Thanks for stopping by Mayur ….

    2. Gentlemen. It isn’t comparing. We get inspired by them. We dream of reaching the pinnacle like them.we idolize them for their fantastic traits and that’s OK and nothing wrong. Some where I read success comes before work only in dictionary..

      1. wow beautiful words… Yes Sup… Whenever I say I wanna manage something like SRK, blog like Amitabh… these comments are common. People start saying please don’t compare yourself. In reality, it is just a yardstick to measure how much we actually want to accomplish in our lives.

  2. Lot to say. I loved your thoughts on importance of time. A time is never wasted until u waste it every time. You plan your activity everyday. That’s wonderful. Sometimes if we are too much time bound we might mess things around in urgency to complete . sometimes it drives us to go an extra mile. I agree great people are those who utilize the available time effectively. Overall wonderful post

    1. Thanks a lot Sup for your wonderful comments. These planning etc and all I have learnt from you.

      You have been a constant source of inspiration to me 🙂

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