Daily Prompt # 59:I don’t give a fuck…..

Alphabet Soup.

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

A – Apple

B- Basketball

C- Cricket

D- Dumbbells

E- Elephant

F- Fork

G- Golf

H- Happy

I- India

J- Jack

K- King

L- Liquor

M- Monkey

N- Nose

O- Oprah

P- Peak

Q- Queen

R- Rest

S- Ship

T- Trumpet

U- Uniform

V- Vogue

W- Weak

X- X’mas


Z- Zebra

Ok I am done listing all the letters ABC and have associated one word for each of them.

Now is the time to cook some Alphabet soup with the given words. I am proudly saying this that I am the only one in the entire WordPress.com to have attempted at this Word Prompt. Here you can see zero responses to the Word Prompt.

Words marked in Blue are the words used in the above ABC listing.



One of my friends, a big believer in #YOLO once gave me a challenge to stay in “I don’t give a fuck bitch” mode for 10 hours !!!

Yeah somewhat like this… not to give a fuck to anyone. I woke up in the morning and was not happy because I had tons of work on the peak. So I went out and saw a guy smoking like a King with Cigarette in one hand and yelling to someone on the phone “Ye man I dont give a fuck to anyone”. Its then I realized okay… I need to do this task for 10 hours straight.

In India… this word “FUCK” is still sort of a taboo and whenever i blurt it out people see me as if I am an extra terrestrial. I quickly got ready to office with a beautiful romantic number Trumpets playing in the background.

I opened a copy of Vogue when I was travelling to my office and read a beautiful article about Tourism sector in Africa and how some extremely wealthy people do prefer to visit the wildlife than spend their days getting marooned on a lonely island. I also read about how this tourism has literally helped people gain so much support for the zoo conservationists in preserving some of the exotic species of Elephants, Monkeys and Zebras etc. I then quickly flipped pages of Vogue to find some more interesting articles on the art of making finest quality of Liquor and the different ways they need to be processed before they are shipped to different nations.

After the heavy weekend, I was feeling weak and needed some rest. I stared at my computer screen and felt “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So in the evening instead of slogging at work I preferred to watch some really good videos on Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers. I must say Youtube is one such place where you can get yourself engrossed in one video after another. I saw some inspirational videos of famous players from different sports like Basketball, Cricket, Golfers etc.

In between all this, there was uniform disturbance by some idiots in my life. But I had resolved firmly that I am not giving a fuck to anybody and enjoy my life to the fullest. I resolved firmly that I will work work and work and not give a fuck to what someone else says about me or what are they thinking about me.

Trust me this Million Dollar advice which was supposed to be for 10 hours extended the entire day and I was able to overcome most of my emotional breakdowns.

I calmly finished off all my work assigned for the day and whenever I felt like I was failing I remembered Oprah‘s words

Think like a queen. A queen is never afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.

I have always believed Reading is to brains what dumbbells are for biceps. So each day as usual I keep surfing the internet for quotes and funny pictures which helps me to stay positive all the time.

I found another couple of things which further made me stick to the amazing 10 hour challenge of “I don’t give a fuck to anything”

There was this quote

When you come across a fork in the road, take it – Yogi Berra

And another was on NOSE


I literally took a neat print out of the same and stuck it to my cubicle which really drove all the red bulls away from my cubicle for an entire week.

I returned from work and was so relaxed that I thanked my friend for being so generous in offering me such a priceless advice. I wish if all of us, just did our work and dont give a fuck to anything in this world, what heights would we all achieve?????

For now, this entire month of X’mas I am continuing this policy. I hope my 2015 will be even more brighter than this 2014. All thanks to my buddy who gave this fucking beautiful advice at the right point of time in my life.

Phew!!! Done with cooking this incredible disastrous Alphabet Soup. It’s ready to be served now for all you guys. Kindly forgive me if the recipe has gone wrong anywhere and you are feeling like puking (by the way you are free to puke all your emotions on this pathetic post)

Thanks a lot for stopping by!!

I really really appreciate your patience to read this soup post.

Lots of love and hugs,



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 59:I don’t give a fuck…..

  1. I like that quote on nose. I remember long back when I use to say ” don’t poke ur bloody nose in everybody’s business. Have some absolute decency in life ” and one more dialogue I said ” ye rahi apki soch . giri Hui padi thi”

  2. I made Alphabet soup (sort of) a couple months back. Funny, I threw a challenge out to my peeps, but got ZERO responses. Know how you feel…


    Dave D.

    1. Hi Dave. That was brilliant. Challenges will work only if you have group of like minded bloggers around you all the time. There are few bloggers out here, who have such strong network and participate in similar challenges.

      If you don’t have any group, then as you said zero responses is what we get 😦

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