Daily Prompt # 63:Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!!!

Tell us about the object of your dejection — something you made, a masterpiece unfinished, or some sort of project that failed to meet your expectations. What did you learn from the experience? How would you do things differently next time?

They say “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

The reason why I remembered about this quote was today’s daily prompt. I had a beautiful goal of blogging daily on all the topics presented by the 365 Daily Prompts book offered by WordPress.com for this year. But due to my laziness and never ending excuses I could hardly ever complete the first 10 pages of that e-book.

Its then I realized how much of a pathetic blogger I was.  It was one project where I failed to meet my own expectations. The second project was “Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge”

I had set 12 books as a goal for this 2014 Reading Challenge. And throughout the entire year, this Laziness and excuse took repeated toll on my mind resulting in me completing only 8 out of 12 books. This is yet another embarrassing thing for me.

That is the reason, whenever someone introduces me to their friends saying “She is an avid blogger and a voracious reader” I die a million times. I die out of shame and self guilt that I am such a pathetic reader + blogger.

So What did I learn from this experience?

  • A goal without a plan is just a wish.
  • Always have back up plans because you never know when things turn into ugly and you are unprepared for your failure.
  • No matter how hard it may seem, just stick onto your plan and never stop pushing yourself towards the plan.

Having learnt the above few things, I then started taking both my hobbies too seriously.

  • No matter how sleepy I am,  or how tired I feel, I open the laptop and start blogging.
  • I read atleast one page before I close my eyes before I drift into a world of dreams.


I was feeling happy because something is better than sitting there and aimlessly feeling bad about my failure to plan things. Ofcourse, I cannot complete 300 blogs in less than 5 days before the 2014 ends. I cannot read 5 books more to complete my Reading Challenge. But I will be happy that atleast I did not fail to accept defeat and brood over my failure to plan things well.


Its never too late to become what you might have been.



One thought on “Daily Prompt # 63:Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!!!

  1. I think you should probably watch this video once, not because I am opposing you views and thoughts on planning and failing, just to say there are several perceptions.

    nice write up BTW! 🙂

    Kishore Kumar B R

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