Daily Prompt # 68:The wrath caused by human mind

The human Mind is supposed to be one of the most beautiful creations of God. It has the power to transform things around it. The Mind makes the impossible the possible. And yes what happens to the Mind when it happens to start some wild alchemy in itself. It gives birth to the invisible cloak of “Suspicions Perceptions Vice Avarice and Extreme destruction”
We all have two things to think at any given point of time

  1. Positive
  2. Negative

When we harbour positive thoughts in our Mind, we give birth to some splendid things in life. We transform even pain into power. We elevate thousand more souls along with us to grow more, to work more and to achieve more.
But the moment we start thinking Negatively, we start welcoming some of the most dreadful things in our life. We invite some unwanted miseries
onto ourselves. We get restless about each bad thing happening around us.
We further start thinking about all the permutations and combinations of how much a certain thing can go wrong. We see all things in its worst state even if things are all pretty well around us.
We start spoiling our environment without our knowledge. Now thats the power of negative thinking. We end up having broken relationships around us. We experience hurtful people around us. And we lose hope and confidence in life.
Negative thinking is a disorder which we all possess. And it is never good for us. The wrath caused by negativity is much more painful than that of an accident. Accident either damages your body else kills at once. But negative thinking keeps you alive and kills you daily. It makes you a victim of miseries 365 days.

So when given an option to think in life. Take a deep breath and think
Is this what I really want?
Does this thing matter to me after a year?
Is this thought really worth thinking?
And moreover, stop being judgemental on life. Situations are all temporary. Pretty much like the dark night. Sooner or later, the sun has to rise. And there will be light. So without getting too much judgemental, accept the resistance that life offers to you.
Resistances teach you to hold on and start thinking a given thought in a new perspective. And always try to be positive. No matter how hard life hits back to you. You are 100% far better than the rest 100% population stuck in war stricken areas, people who are battling their way out of terminal diseases etc.
Life is strange. It makes you feel its so colorful at one moment and shows its worst face all of a sudden when you least expect it. But its our job to stay positive all the time and avoid the wrath of a human Mind.

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Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 68:The wrath caused by human mind

  1. The best i read today .
    you are back with a bang again . superb. Great minds always know their limitations yet focus on the positive side of life . you are absolutely right that when we have positive frame of mind we elevate the souls around us too to the next higher level along with us .
    adding on to it we can never change what bad things happened to us in the past to have such a negative frame of mind . but we can always regulate the way we think today to have positive approach .

  2. Reblogged this on want to share and commented:
    Does this thing matter to me after a year?
    Yes, sometimes we try to do something very passionately. But we fail. Fail miserably.
    We get angry. We get frustrated. Negative thoughts.
    Okay, these negative thoughts are okay. This negative thought is the worst: “That fellow gets these things done well. He is appreciated” The worst negative thought.
    Worser: “We gloat!”
    Such times such articles try to thrash the negative thoughts.
    I liked this post. The post is made through windows phone. How nice.

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