Daily Prompt # 69:Are you that B.I.T.C.H???

My friend Hamsa recently wrote a very beautiful article called as Women- Being Powerful on the book “A thousand splendid suns” by Khaled Hosseini.

Towards the end of the blog, she posted few questions which really stirred out the hidden “bitch” inside me.

Well before answering all those questions, let me first answer what does the word bitch mean to me. If you ask any layman the meaning of bitch, he/she will jump from their couch to tell you that it means “WHORE/SLUT”. But for me the definition of BITCH is definitely not what these people say.

I remember one day when I was  busy venting out all my frustration over a cup of coffee and my friend, all of a sudden he said “You know what… You are a bitch!!! “ I was a little offended first but then when he explained me what being a bitch in corporate world was all about… I was really surprised to know that if you qualify one or more of the below conditions you will get certified as BITCH in real world.

  1. You have to be that kind intelligent and caring woman who got pushed so much that now she has totally stopped giving a fuck to all the people in her life.
  2. You have to have the track record of standing up for your own beliefs and for all those people whom you love.
  3. You got to speak your mind without giving a second thought whether it would impress the other person or not.
  4. You never have to compromise on any of the ideals of your life and should basically live life your way.
  5. You should be that woman who refuses to tolerate shit from people.
  6. Most importantly, you got to be that woman who as Hamsa has quoted … The kind of woman who when hits her feet on floor makes even the devil say  “Oh Crap..She’s up”

Now why am I telling all this with respect to the book Thousand Splendid Suns???

My gutsy friend asked few questions at the end of the article…. like

  1. Why are women considered the weaker sex and looked upon as vulnerable beings?
  2. What is it that stops a woman from revolting against the wrongs happening around her?
  3. In this era of women empowerment, are we really safe, leave alone being empowered?

And the answer lies here


Then what stops us from revolting against all those wrong things that happen to us ??

Its we women who underestimate our own power and start blaming that men are dominating us. Ofcourse men do dominate women…. but we do have the power to overcome any fucking dominating man. Always remember that every woman is a BITCH.

Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and Hot-to-handle


Nothing stops us except ourselves. We have to stand up for our own rights. Nobody can stand up for you. Nobody can lift you up. You got to stand on your own legs and wear those running shoes for yourselves in order to empower yourself.

It all starts with YOU. Its we who have to teach our men what it means to Respect Women. It all starts with us how we treat our daughters and how much we respect ourselves. You cannot empower someone if you do not respect yourself.

So what is it to be a GIRL?


Be proud of yourself. Celebrate the fact that you are a WOMAN.

If being yourself and being bold makes you a BITCH then let it be…. please don’t be angry when someone calls you BITCH next time. Instead take it as a compliment. Because you intimidated people so beautifully that they are unable to take it.

Being a B.I.T.C.H = Being YOU !!!

So are you a bitch? 

Thanks for giving this a read…

Thanks Hamsa for inspiring me to write this article. Don’t know whether my views are right or wrong.

Thanks to that guy who redefined the meaning of BITCH in my life and made me a strong woman.

Comments and anger filled comments are most most welcome (I’m sure I must have pissed hell lot of people with this post). Please share this article if you like/dislike it.

Lots of love and hugs,


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 69:Are you that B.I.T.C.H???

  1. Exactly !! You have spoken my mind, Ambika. When a man abuses a woman, be it physically verbally etc, it is not a sin to fight back. They should fight back. I think most of the women around the world aceept it and don’t fight because of the fear of being hated. I wonder why. This mindset has to change. They underestimate their power. Women should follow ‘tit for tat.’ An eye for an eye. Women are capable of it.

    1. Hey Meti… enri sakkat josh alli answer helidira. I agree. Mindset has to change. Undermining one’s own capacity is what makes us small.

  2. Thanks for the write up girl! !
    Well, As I said each one of us might have different answers to those questions in the blog. However, If your response has triggered a few angry souls then the purpose is served!! 😀
    And I love being myself and I don’t mind being called a BITCH for it..!!! 🙂

    1. There are quite few people who are real time in bitch mode but refuse to brand themselves like that. This blog was just for them.

      You and me are like bold ladies for them. 🙂 in pure bangalore slang T muchkond hogtare idna odi.

      Thanks for reading this Hamsa !!!

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