Daily Prompt # 72:You took my heart away…..

After having a bad day today I decided to find some place where I can sit lonely and stare at the sky endlessly for atleast few minutes. I suddenly remembered the song by Passenger called “Staring at sky” although I was not clear about the lyrics but the tune stuck in my mind.


There is always something magical about watching sunsets.They make you realize 2 things

1. How beautiful and free are some of the simplest pleasures of life…

2. Day just got over again and you still have tons of things to achieve in life

I was staring at the big orange sky and recollecting one such beautiful sunset I witnessed recently while I was travelling to North Karnataka. (Photo Credits: @Kadale_Puri aka Kishore)


The beauty of Nature playing with so many hues of Orange literally took my heart away. The sun setting and the moon rising on the other side of Horizon. I wonder why do people wander aimlessly from one place to another in search of happiness when all you need is to rest your bum in peace at one place. And inhale some fresh air and forget yourself amidst the sunlit environment.

The cold wind brushed my cheeks and played with my tresses…. bringing amazing relief from all the haunting memories of past. I remembered the English Translation of the famous SRK and Kajol’s song “Suraj Hua Maddham” from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

That day as I was watching this beautiful sunset along the lakeside, I could only think of this beautiful song over and over again. The lyrics and the tune was so so apt to the situation that it brought about an amazing amount of calmness to my chaotic mind.


Just as I was floating in those memories, I glanced my phone and saw my friend calling me for a cup of coffee and I reluctantly got up from the place where I was sitting and remembering all these songs and thoughts. I started walking towards the Cafe with thousand memories of that one beautiful sunset I watched peacefully that day.

Every Sunset makes us realize we have one less day to live… So make peace with yourself and enjoy every sunset in your life.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt # 72:You took my heart away…..

  1. Bad day? What happened?
    Sunsets is always mesmerizing and pacifying. And you would think that something that big as sun would take its time setting down but it takes like fifteen minutes to disappear below the horizon.
    Great post!

    1. bad day was yesterday. my exam papers were out. you know what happens when you see your horrific performance from your own eyes ROFL

      Hell yes. just 15 min and it sets down filling your entire day with so many memories 🙂 Thanks for your kind words Mayur !!!

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